CUC 2009 – Women’s Finals

It’s here! As promised one of the most exciting games of 2009 is now available to watch in entirety. You can find the full game here: http://iamultimate.


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UPA 2009 Women’s Finals

The UPA has released the 2009 Women’s Finals on their site. Watch below or directly on the UPA site. [qt:http://video.upa.org/videos/club2009/Club09FinalWomensFuryVsBrute.mov 360 240]


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What’s the plan Stan?

Weekend…c’est le weekend! A few days to go but a few exciting adventures for Ontario Ultimate. I apologize to International readers, I’ll get more International content up soon. For Mixed there’s a little tournament called Northern Flightstaking place in North Bay. While Liquid (Waterloo), Tundra (Toronto), Sick Mitts (Barrie), Big Fish (Ottawa), Druid (London), Crisis (Waterloo), Desklamp (Guelph), and Zen (Toronto) are attending a few other teams (MONSTER and BFC in particular) will be missing out and so we won’t quite get a Regionals preview. It will be interesting as we should get some idea of seeding for Regionals but it’s not clear how MONSTER will be placed ahead of July 11th. This is also the first time this season that a full strength Liquid will be playing in a tournament and while a “The Dockers” vs Liquid finals is almost a certainty I favour Liquid heavily in that contest.


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