Stats? What matters?

Lately I’ve been working on a small stats system for Ultimate (and general sports usage). While I do have plans on where to go with it I’m not sharing it outside of a small group at this time. In building the system (really just hacking it together over the last few days) I’ve learned how tricky it will be to put together a UI that will allow quick entry of all the events that Ultimate players encounter.


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Paganello 2009 video – Open Finals

As we approach the start of Paganello 2010 and Paganello coverage we look back at Paganello 2009 and the finals for all divisions. The fourth (and final) video in our series features and epic finals between UTI (Switzerland/UK) vs Los Ox (USA). Without a doubt both teams were amongst the elite when they entered the tournament. Even though Los Ox were considered an “unknown” team they were considered contendors for the 2009 Paga crown.


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