Live: USA Ultimate College Finals

Live feed of the USA Ultimate College Finals will available shortly (1135 EST). Open followed by Womens. You can find the live feed on or below.


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Paganello 2009 video – Mixed Finals

As we approach the start of Paganello 2010 and Paganello coverage we look back at Paganello 2009 and the finals for all divisions. The second video in our series features Huck Finn (USA, defending champions) vs Yellow Submarine (USA). Huck Finn had an easy time getting to the finals aside from a tight semis match against Mouthful of Sand where they barely squeaked by with an 8-7 win. For Yellow Submarine the finals were a second chance against Huck Finn whom they had faced and lost to in Round 3 play (Huck Finn won 11-7).


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VOTD: Japan vs USA – Pool Play

The following videos are from pool play during World Games 2009. Both Japan and USA eventually faced off in the finals and this game was a warm-up for both teams to that end.


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