Too Bad

Ontario Open Regionals

Earlier today Too Bad and Firebird faced off in the game to go for Nationals in Sherbrooke. How they got there is two days of drama with unexpected results.


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Ontario Open Regionals Day 1 results

An interesting day of Ultimate at the Ontario Open Regionals has finished and the top three seeds are each tied for first with three wins and one loss apiece. Firebird has proven to be particularly strong and will likely not face ROY in the game to go on Sunday afternoon. Day 1 results are available on the WODSwebsite: Day 1 results .


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Gallery: Cleveland No Surf 2010

A wicked weekend in Cleveland with plenty of sunshine. You can view selected photos below and/or visit the Facebook Album.


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A weekend in O.

I apologize for not posting earlier but sometimes things get hectic and I’d rather be outside throwing the disc. To refresh your memories the big three events in North America were: Northern Flights (North Bay, ON), No Surf (Cleveland, OH), and Solstice (Eugene, OR).


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What’s the plan Stan?

Weekend…c’est le weekend! A few days to go but a few exciting adventures for Ontario Ultimate. I apologize to International readers, I’ll get more International content up soon. For Mixed there’s a little tournament called Northern Flightstaking place in North Bay. While Liquid (Waterloo), Tundra (Toronto), Sick Mitts (Barrie), Big Fish (Ottawa), Druid (London), Crisis (Waterloo), Desklamp (Guelph), and Zen (Toronto) are attending a few other teams (MONSTER and BFC in particular) will be missing out and so we won’t quite get a Regionals preview. It will be interesting as we should get some idea of seeding for Regionals but it’s not clear how MONSTER will be placed ahead of July 11th. This is also the first time this season that a full strength Liquid will be playing in a tournament and while a “The Dockers” vs Liquid finals is almost a certainty I favour Liquid heavily in that contest.


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Where was I?

CUT is over and I’m partially recovered. Wait, I’ll clarify. I’m recovered from the driving rather than the playing. My Friday evening started with a drive to Fergus to drop off a few drinks for my friends from Sudbury, Chicago, and Steve from I also had a chance to hang out for a few moments but a rather rushed visit it was. Driving away from GB was incredibly hard but the lure of CUT was far too great to ignore. My GPS indicated that my travel time to Cazenovia would be ~4.5 hours but a GPS shouldn’t always be trusted and the selected route was closer to 6 hours (it would have been longer but I always have paper maps). Anyhow, enough about me and more about…well the tournament and me.


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