2009 – Tournaments – March

Over the year I’ve played around the world and over many months. In this post I recap March.


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Video: CEUUC Open Finals

Hastily shot, hastily edited, a fun watch.


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Medium Well

CEUUCSunday was as exciting as any tournament Sunday but made even more exciting by watching the talented youth (and some old fogies like Rob Gillis) of our College system battle it out for bragging rights ahead of CUUC 2009(if there are any bragging rights to be had).


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Watching the University of Western Ontario Sharks play Ultimate is a joy, a feast, some real entertainment. The Sharks are a team of stars with a mix of superstars thrown in for additional flavour. Hmm…those first two sentences are rather odd but I’m presently at a loss for words in how to describe this team. I’ve played with many of the players on the UWO team over the last year and I know firsthand what an incredible bunch they are.


#Canadian-Ultimate #Tournaments #University/College