In our world

It’s an exciting weekend coming up for us in this part of Ontario as well as in Europe. I am heading to Cleveland No-Surfwith Too Bad. A number of friends (Rahil, Marc, and others) are heading to Northern Flightsin North Bay. We should get a decent look at what’s going on in Ontario Mixed Ultimate based upon weekend results. Hilco is off to UK Tour II (where he’ll encounter an Australian team that’s on a European tour as part of their WUCC experience). More details on this when he returns. A younger group of friends are attending training camp for the Canadian U23 team in Vancouver.


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New Faces

Last night I traveled to Toronto for my first proper TUCleague game and I was pleasantly surprised. A bit of background first, I live in Waterloo on the far side away from Toronto. The drive there takes at least 80 to 90 minutes when there’s no traffic or snow (heading to very near Downtown Toronto) and costs a pretty penny in fuel when considering it’s to play a game for 55 minutes.



This needs to be said…

This will probably cause some people to question my sanity but I want the teams mentioned below to know that I mean this in the nicest possible way and the only reason I’m saying it because I want you to be better. It’s also a general comment on Ultimate in Canada.


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MONSTER 2009!!!

Hilary Leung of MONSTER was kind enough to send their roster: ROSTER – It has been a long process to finalize our roster this year, but we are really excited about the team this year as we feel it is the strongest line-up to date. The official roster for MONSTER’s 2009 season is (alphabetically): Ladies (9) – Amanda Moore, Deb Ragogna, Hilda AhChong, Melodie Lumague, Monica Kay, Pam Yiu, Sonia Jog, Sue Holland, Zan Zan (Stephenie) Hui Dudes (14) – Dan Nephin, Dave Ng, Graeme Donnelly, Hilary Leung, Jed Henley, Juan Alphonso Montenegro Gomez, Matt Chellew, Norm Lew, Pat Dolan, Paul Dakin, Peyton Leung, Steve Canning, Rhyin Newell, Warren Tang Practice Roster – Grace Vaccarelli, Paul Hamilton


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