Ontario Open Regionals

Earlier today Too Bad and Firebird faced off in the game to go for Nationals in Sherbrooke. How they got there is two days of drama with unexpected results.


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Ontario Open Regionals Day 1 results

An interesting day of Ultimate at the Ontario Open Regionals has finished and the top three seeds are each tied for first with three wins and one loss apiece. Firebird has proven to be particularly strong and will likely not face ROY in the game to go on Sunday afternoon. Day 1 results are available on the WODSwebsite: Day 1 results .


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Gallery: Cleveland No Surf 2010

A wicked weekend in Cleveland with plenty of sunshine. You can view selected photos below and/or visit the Facebook Album.


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In our world

It’s an exciting weekend coming up for us in this part of Ontario as well as in Europe. I am heading to Cleveland No-Surfwith Too Bad. A number of friends (Rahil, Marc, and others) are heading to Northern Flightsin North Bay. We should get a decent look at what’s going on in Ontario Mixed Ultimate based upon weekend results. Hilco is off to UK Tour II (where he’ll encounter an Australian team that’s on a European tour as part of their WUCC experience). More details on this when he returns. A younger group of friends are attending training camp for the Canadian U23 team in Vancouver.


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Interesting Coincidence?

Ultimate season has kicked off in North America with tryouts and as our top teams form up my thoughts turn (once again) to WUCC 2010 in Prague. While announced years ago the preparations and team lists for Prague are far from complete. Teams across the divisions continue to drop out (Ultimate players are notoriously flaky…ask any Tournament Director) while dedicated teams fill the spots freed up. Last week Doublewide locked in their spot and a team that hasn’t been seen internationally all that much should stun many teams this July.


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Weekly updates

It would be rude of me to not update all y’all on going ons in the world. Here are things that I have heard over the last week and have discovered: Rimini is warm…right now. Those of you that are heading to Paganello would be advised to warm at least one piece of gear that’ll keep you warm and dry. My friends here tell me that rain is expected as of Saturday and that there may be a light rain on Thursday evening at the Welcome Party.


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