Under intense pressure and a breakout of “foot-in-mouth” I am left with little choice but to write about my favourites.


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Photos: TUF 2010

It’s the long weekend and that means I get a bit of time to work on things I enjoy.


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Lotus Invitational/Tryout?

Lotus is hosting a their second annual Indoor Invitational tournament on Saturday March 27th from 1400 till 1700. The tournament will be held at Varsity Stadium and will cost $40. A total of four teams will play in a hat format with no byes. Read on for more details and contact info.


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CUC 2009 – Women’s Finals

It’s here! As promised one of the most exciting games of 2009 is now available to watch in entirety. You can find the full game here: http://iamultimate.


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A big day!

GOAT defeats Ironside 14-13 in the Boston Invite finals while Lotus defeats Nemesis to win the Women’s finals. More details as I have them.


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Lotus Roster – 2009

This is the unofficial roster for Lotus. Alena Papayanis Alyson Walker Carla DiFilippo Erica Tucker Josee Guibord Hadiya Roderique Jordan Meron Justina Chong Kaitlyn Lovatt Kate Jardine Kathleen Fadelle Kelly Nakamura KristinLaurinLaurel Berkowitz Lisa Di Diodato Malissa Lundgren Martha Paterson Meredith MacNaughton Natalie Fitzgerald Sarah Kidd Sheri Madigan Victoria Arrandale