Ontario Open Regionals

Earlier today Too Bad and Firebird faced off in the game to go for Nationals in Sherbrooke. How they got there is two days of drama with unexpected results.


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Ontario Open Regionals Day 1 results

An interesting day of Ultimate at the Ontario Open Regionals has finished and the top three seeds are each tied for first with three wins and one loss apiece. Firebird has proven to be particularly strong and will likely not face ROY in the game to go on Sunday afternoon. Day 1 results are available on the WODSwebsite: Day 1 results .


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Firebird 2009 Roster?

Those reading over the roster lists from the past few days will notice that Firebird’s roster was conspicuously missing. It appears that Firebird has folded and will not be playing this summer. It might be too early to discount them entirely but with Firebird missing there may not be an Ontario Open Regionals needed.