Philippines – Day 2 – Quick Review

Apologies for a complete lack of media from today (well almost) but it was busy from the start. A new New Zealand team policy requires a morning swim and from bed to beach to water was a one minute walk. The water is cool in the morning and totally worth the early start. I had no real plans for the day other than to get some Ultimate in. Mark and I met up with some of the Australian players with whom we wandered the beach with before grabbing breakfast.


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Day 1 – Boracay

What a day it was. I arrived exhausted but awake and ready to try my luck at whatever the day would bring. I cleaned up and headed out to the beach to see if my lucky streak would continue. Every beach tournament I’ve been to I’ve shown up early and wandered onto the beach only to find a game inside of the first 10 minutes. This time was no different, I ran into Karen (manager of the Dragons) and many of the Dragons themselves having a game with a couple of Australian and Danish dames.


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Day 1 – Boracay – Throwing

It’s been an incredible 24 hours here in Boracay. After a long journey from Toronto (LA, Guam, Manila, Catlican) I finally arrived at one of the most beautiful places in the world. I’m still a bit tired and groggy but managed to stay up the full day and get a game of Ultimate in with the Dragons. These Dragons are incredibly hospitable people and it’s easy to see why everybody gets along with them (with regards to Worlds and Paganello).


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