Day 1

Our day started with a long walk to fields a little ways from the dorms. It was unexpected as we had thought that we were playing on the fields beside the dorms.


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*cough* update

A quick update as to why there haven’t been many updates. A few nights of epic partying with the Aussies and a few harsh days of Ultimate have left me a bit under the weather. I have plenty of photos I will post as well as tournament recaps. Those may have to wait until I return to Canada. This week will bring a 12 hour bus ride to Manila from Boracay as well as an Open tournament before I board a plane to start the long journey home.


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What are those Aussies up to?

Given my interest in International affairs I contacted AFDADirector of High Performance Piers Truter about their recent Championships as well as 2010. My primary purpose for contacting him was to determine whether or not it was time to get excited about the next International meetup. Our first chance to get an idea of who from Australia will make the trek to Europe will be on July 1st 2009. The July 1st deadline is a non-binding deadline by which teams with an interest in Prague must make their intent known.