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CUC 2016 Mixed

Hamilton hosts CUC 2016 Mixed from Thursday till Sunday. Here’s what we can expect: rain, layouts, and plenty of drama. With 20 teams this year features the largest single division in adult division play with a focus on continued growth. Despite the growth in size all of the teams shall be quite competitive owing part to many elite Open and Women’s players opting to create or participate on Mixed teams. Combine that with Mixed touring programs that are using 2016 as a stepping stone to capture a worlds bid in 2017 and things are looking very interesting. Let’s dig into the division a bit more.


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CUC 2016 – Results

The Edmonton adult finals wrapped up yesterday after several days of exciting Ultimate. Let’s take a look at the outcomes in each division in the order that the finals were played. The Masters Women’s final featured Eclipse (1,ON) vs Throwback (2,AB). In pool play Eclipse had won the matchup 12-10 and a close final was expected. Throwback had an edge with a larger roster and hometown support. After trading points until 2-2 Throwback jumped out to a 5-2 lead. The teams traded a few breaks before Throwback took half 6-8. The second half started out much the same before Eclipse broke to tie it at 10-10. Throwback turned it up another gear and marched down the field and then broke 3 times to take a commanding 14-10 lead before winning 15-11. With this win Throwback becomes a finalist contender at CUC 2017 which shall be played in Eclipse’s backyard.


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CUC 2016: Now it’s all on the line

As the sun sets in Edmonton the CUC 2016 adult divisions pass the halfway mark and into playoffs. The Women’s division has already had the first round of eliminations and start semis in the morning. The Open division starts quarterfinals and crossovers in the early morning. Finally, the Masters divisions shall complete pool play on Saturday morning before heading into semi finals and finals later in the day. With all of this action there are a few key games to watch.


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CUC 2016 – Idle thoughts

The adult divisions, aside from Mixed, kick off play today in sunny Edmonton with great weather expected for the next few days. Let me rephrase that, it’s great weather if you like sunshine, inconsequential wind, and temperature in the mid-20s. Some of us prefer more adverse conditions but I guess this shall do. Anyways, the big story for this tournament is that masters teams are poaching from the younger divisions…or something like that.


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CUC 2016 – Juniors Results

CUC Juniors division completed play yesterday with the top programs finishing about where we’d expect them to. Women’s Top 4: Misfit (BC) Alpha (BC) TORO (ON) Bonfire (BC) Misfit’s win was 14-11 vs Alpha while TORO’s bronze was 15-6 vs Bonfire. Open Top 4: MOFO (MB) TORO (ON) Bonfire (BC) Ignite (ON) MOFO’s win was 15-11 vs TORO while Bonfire’s bronze was 12-9 vs Ignite. Both divisions saw strong performances from the major Ultimate centers of Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Ottawa.


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CUC 2016 – Where is everybody?

Off years, or non-worlds years, feel strange. For some teams it’s merely prep for next year when qualifications for Worlds are decided. For others it’s their first time and it’s the culmination of years of effort; this may also be as far as they make it. But it’s missing something, almost as if we’re recharging. This year CUC 2016, in Edmonton, is missing something more.


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On Feedback and Neural Processes

You’ve probably heard about the Go matches between Lee Sedol and DeepMind’s AlphaGo that the latter won 4-1. You’ve probably heard about deep learning and the hype around machines replacing humans. This post is going to be about how to use the principles of deep belief networks to quantitatively think about coaching and improving the performance of players.



Happy New Year (2016)

Alright folks, you’ve recovered from last night/last year and are ready to start things afresh. This is an exciting year and there’s a few things I’m looking forward to. First is WUGC at St. Albans in England. This is an important benchmark event that allows the program in each country to measure their progress. The past four years have seen a major transition in the top tier within each country with the legends giving way to the, relatively speaking, youth.


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2015 USA Ultimate Club Championships Thoughts

I’m lucky to get three seasons of Ultimate each year; the first is a European tour that starts/ends with Paganello, the second is the Canadian series (read thoughts ), and the third is the USA Ultimate series. This year was interesting due to the level of competition but more importantly the level of frustration. I’ve waited a week to see what would happen and I’m a little disheartened with a lack of momentum on some key issues.


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In a previous post I wondered about the survival Capitals as a team that draws talent from a large geographic area. My wondering received quite a bit of private feedback both in support of the current system as well as in support of a breakup. Both sides were quite passionate but for different reasons and it’s important to understand the landscape as you consider forming your own opinions. The history of the Capitals is one of success, at times mixed, but an overwhelming success. Even after changes in leadership and a major changes to the roster the team has had great success . Managing a team across a large geographic region is difficult enough, to become, and stay, a globally recognized elite team is extraordinary. So, why even form such a team? Vancouver.


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