Will World Championships happen?

With the world well in the grips of the SARS-COVID pandemic WFDF has made an announcement that they remain fully committed to holding WUGC in July, WJUC in July, and WMUC in September. This commitment is not without reservations that take into consideration government regulations as well as health and safety of participants and spectators. WFDF also acknowledges the uncertainty of how the pandemic will develop.


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Happy New Year (2016)

Alright folks, you’ve recovered from last night/last year and are ready to start things afresh. This is an exciting year and there’s a few things I’m looking forward to. First is WUGC at St. Albans in England. This is an important benchmark event that allows the program in each country to measure their progress. The past four years have seen a major transition in the top tier within each country with the legends giving way to the, relatively speaking, youth.


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CUC 2015 Thoughts

Well then! The quadrennial event of teams competing to form the selection committee that represents Canada at WUGC has passed and a number of important outcomes should be discussed. I have a few thoughts from my armchair that I’d like to share with you. First, it’s the last time that we’ll have a large combined CUC barring one of the big cities stepping up and hosting both gender specific CUCs and Mixed CUCs together. From the sounds of things it went very well and congratulations to all of those that made it or participated in the series. Even if you don’t make it you’re an important part of the community that develops and moves our sport forward.


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OUC 2015 Importance

WUGC 2016 shall be held at the UCL sports fields in St. Albans, England (this is also where U23s are being held this year) which makes the Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC), in Winnipeg, all the more exciting and interesting. In case you, the newcomer, didn’t already know: the winner of each division forms four out of five members of the selection committee for that division. As a result the winning team tends to have many of their members on the national squad.


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WGUC 2012 Recap

Part of the reason that I haven’t written in quite some time is that after WUGC 2012 I wanted to write a recap. There didn’t seem to be some clean way to wrap up what had happened and to properly describe what I felt. I bring up feelings because WUGC was tough to watch as a spectator. It was tough to watch TC lose in the semis and finals. It was tough especially watching the Open and Women’s teams as at some point in each game it became obvious that our heros suddenly looked very old and tired. Players that many of you have always known as the best and who have always been the best were worn out from being on the pedestal for too long. Left in their places was the brashness of youth that was now skeptical and no longer implicitly trusted their team.


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WUGC 2012 – Day 6

What a day! The upset of the tournament (so far) and conditions that influenced every game. Round robins wrapped up and quarters started in Open and Mixed divisions. While I did take some photos most of my day was spent chatting with the SkyD guys. We walked between several games and had thoroughly interesting conversations. We livened things up with spectators that got very emotional and in general experienced the fantastic atmosphere that is WUGC 2012.


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WUGC 2012 – Day 5

Day 5 and we’re past the midway point of this great tournament. We’re now done with cross overs and power pools, it’s time for elimination play, and nerves for fans at home and on the sidelines. For those of you new to the blog, please do not be put off by how negative this post will be, it’s not all cheery at J-GREEN SAKAI. In this post I’ll cover: Team Canada (as usual), Team USA, Team Japan, and Team Australia. Yes, the big four are being talked about mostly because my friend Matt Kass pointed out that all y’all will have them on your mind and I should probably start making bold and wildly accurate predictions.


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WUGC 2012 – Day 4

Really short post as photos and results say it all. It was a day of firsts. The Women’s Masters division debuted at WUGC and is a huge step forward for the division. We’ve seen Open Masters for a while but to see six solid teams in the Women’s Masters division is fantastic. The teams are closely matched and it was a pleasure to watch high level Ultimate with a touch more experience.


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WUGC 2012 – Day 3

Dear readers, today’s update is a rather short but also reasonably good (if you ask me). Today I concentrated on two teams: Team Canada Open and Team Canada Women. However, I spent quite a bit of time socializing as that’s probably one of the best parts of going to tournaments. Anyhow, due to my socializing I was only able to catch TCO vs Colombia, TCW vs Australia, and TCO vs Philippines. None of the games left me entirely satisifed with the results but after speaking with players on both teams I’m fairly satisfied now.


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WUGC 2012 – Day 2

Day 2! Following the showcase games the various divisions get down to figuring out where they really stand. Today was a day of wandering and I found a couple pretty good spots to sit and watch the games from. While I made an effort to get to some Team Canada games I was really out looking for friends and shall do so for most of the tournament. Anyhow, I’ll quickly recap the few games I watched, what bothered me, a few discussions I had, and an upset.


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