Will World Championships happen?

With the world well in the grips of the SARS-COVID pandemic WFDF has made an announcement that they remain fully committed to holding WUGC in July, WJUC in July, and WMUC in September. This commitment is not without reservations that take into consideration government regulations as well as health and safety of participants and spectators. WFDF also acknowledges the uncertainty of how the pandemic will develop.


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WJUC Videos

The organizers of WJUC put together some excellent high quality videos of the finals of both WJUC and EUF U17 for each of the divisions. As the files are large and demand will be high we’re helping host the files which you can watch online or download from the following pages: WJUC 2010and EUF U17 2010Also, if you play Ultimate in Europe and would like to contribute to this site with regards to your experience playing Ultimate as well as general European Ultimate news then please contact: editor@iamultimate.


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Wait for it…

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AynYsgf7JG0 Ladies and Gents, I applaud the Colombians for their respect and maturity. I look forward to meeting those gentlemen on the field.


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WJUC 2010 site is up

Preliminary registration has started for WJUC 2010 on their website: wjuc2010.deWJUC 2010 will be held in Heilbronn, Germany which is where the WFDF World Ultimate and Guts Championships were held in 2000. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could look back to almost a decade ago and know what it was like back then in the olden days? Luckily we can! The WUGC 2000 site (http://wugc2000.ira.uka.de/en/home.htm) is still up and running with news, results, and final standings.


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Canada 2010 WJUC Applications Available

Patrick Mooney has sent in details regarding World Junior Ultimate Championships to be held in early August of this year: If you are born in 1991 or later then you are eligible to represent your country at the World Jr. Ultimate Championships in Heilbronn, Germany (Aug 2-7th). Applications and details regarding tryouts for Team Canada Jr men and Jr women are now available here: http://www.canadianultimate.com/WJUC2010.htmlWe encourage all those interested to apply and look forward to seeing you at one of the three tryouts.


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