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Happy New Year (2016)

Alright folks, you’ve recovered from last night/last year and are ready to start things afresh. This is an exciting year and there’s a few things I’m looking forward to. First is WUGC at St. Albans in England. This is an important benchmark event that allows the program in each country to measure their progress. The past four years have seen a major transition in the top tier within each country with the legends giving way to the, relatively speaking, youth.


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2015 USA Ultimate Club Championships Thoughts

I’m lucky to get three seasons of Ultimate each year; the first is a European tour that starts/ends with Paganello, the second is the Canadian series (read thoughts ), and the third is the USA Ultimate series. This year was interesting due to the level of competition but more importantly the level of frustration. I’ve waited a week to see what would happen and I’m a little disheartened with a lack of momentum on some key issues.


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In a previous post I wondered about the survival Capitals as a team that draws talent from a large geographic area. My wondering received quite a bit of private feedback both in support of the current system as well as in support of a breakup. Both sides were quite passionate but for different reasons and it’s important to understand the landscape as you consider forming your own opinions. The history of the Capitals is one of success, at times mixed, but an overwhelming success. Even after changes in leadership and a major changes to the roster the team has had great success . Managing a team across a large geographic region is difficult enough, to become, and stay, a globally recognized elite team is extraordinary. So, why even form such a team? Vancouver.


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What a weekend!

This weekend featured many an exciting tournament. By far the most important was the 2015 US Open in its 4th year running with 3 nationalities in the finals. I remember speaking with Dr. Tom Crawford in Club Nationals in 2011 where he expressed the desire for the US Open to be a premier event, USA Ultimate has achieved that goal. Women’s The Women’s final featured a familiar matchup between Riot and Fury with the two having met many times over not only the last millennia but also in pool play where Riot, current World Champions, won 15-10. With both teams finishing at the top of Pool B they headed into the semi finals against tough opponents. Brute Squad, from Boston, had won Pool A 5-0 after having upset Scandal, current US Club Champions, 13-12 and then tested Fury in their semis matchup. Fury prevailed 15-13 and headed into the finals.


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WUGC 2012 – Day 6

What a day! The upset of the tournament (so far) and conditions that influenced every game. Round robins wrapped up and quarters started in Open and Mixed divisions. While I did take some photos most of my day was spent chatting with the SkyD guys. We walked between several games and had thoroughly interesting conversations. We livened things up with spectators that got very emotional and in general experienced the fantastic atmosphere that is WUGC 2012.


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WUGC 2012 – Day 5

Day 5 and we’re past the midway point of this great tournament. We’re now done with cross overs and power pools, it’s time for elimination play, and nerves for fans at home and on the sidelines. For those of you new to the blog, please do not be put off by how negative this post will be, it’s not all cheery at J-GREEN SAKAI. In this post I’ll cover: Team Canada (as usual), Team USA, Team Japan, and Team Australia. Yes, the big four are being talked about mostly because my friend Matt Kass pointed out that all y’all will have them on your mind and I should probably start making bold and wildly accurate predictions.


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WUGC 2012 – Day 2

Day 2! Following the showcase games the various divisions get down to figuring out where they really stand. Today was a day of wandering and I found a couple pretty good spots to sit and watch the games from. While I made an effort to get to some Team Canada games I was really out looking for friends and shall do so for most of the tournament. Anyhow, I’ll quickly recap the few games I watched, what bothered me, a few discussions I had, and an upset.


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Sidelines 2012 – 02 – 03

Welcome to this SuperBowl edition of Sidelines! But only because the game is Sunday, I predict a boringly efficient game, and I really don’t care which of Tom or Eli gets another ring. Wouldn’t you rather see Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis headlining this game than possibly the frailest quarterbacks around? Anyways, I digress… This week on Sidelines: U23s! The international scene NYNY v Big Brother The AUDL Tom Crawford


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NexGen vs. Goat part 2

It took a while but here’s my version of the NexGen vs. Goat game that was held on July 27, 2011. Enjoy! Jon


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NexGen vs GOAT Gallery

On a warm July evening some of the best players from the USA played the best players in Eastern Canada. While particularly tricky to shoot due to low light conditions I managed to snag a few decent photos. NexGen hobbled by a few injuries and without a bus were showing the affects of life on the road. While the carefree NexGen warmed up individually or in pairs GOAT ran team warmups; the Observers also warmed up as a group. On the field NexGen play as a cohesive group of guys but what makes them great are their handlers. Regardless of position they able to thread the disc through the slimmest of gaps and take advantage of the athleticism of the cutters. At the same time, NexGen’s defense forced GOAT to play incuts and took away the huck game. With players normally used to wide open throws the younger cutters on GOAT never quite got into a groove. GOAT handler Adrian Yearwood anchored the handler line and maintained the tempo along with Thomson McKnight while relying heavily upon Mark Lloyd and Cam Harris upfield. It wasn’t until just before half that many of the veterans took to the field. The second half saw quite a bit of pressure from NexGen and by all accounts they were in the driving seat until a few drops let them down. GOAT wrapped up the game 15-13. By all accounts this was not a good game for GOAT. While they were missing many of their key handlers it took them a while to adjust to the deep double/triple coverage. Since this game they have played Furious in Colorado (GOAT won) and that may not bode well for GOAT at CUC.


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