Ontario Championships Preview

Of the 28 teams that started the journey 12 will head into the weekend for Ontario Championships . From those 12 a yet to be determined number will head to Montreal for the Canadian 4v4 Ultimate Championships (C4UC). This weekend will also have an impact on bid allocation for 2019 sectionals giving teams an additional incentive to perform well. Read on to find out how things may shake out.


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O4C Sectional Results

With Ontario Championships/C4UC Ontario Regionals this weekend now seems like a good time to recap the Sectionals results. For the first time in the series Ontario held 4 Sectionals: West , North, East , and South . From those sections, 12 teams earned bids to Ontario Championships. Read on to find out who made it, and in some cases, how they made it.


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C4UC 2017 – Predictions

The Canadian 4 on 4 Ultimate Championships shall be held this weekend in Ottawa with 24 teams stock full of talent vying for the crown. I have thought long and hard about predictions and the reality is that it is quite difficult to do so. All the way from the top seeded team to the 24th seed there is little to differentiate any of them. In this tournament you are 2 minutes away from losing a game.


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How many bids exactly?

There is controversy brewingbetween Ultimate Canada and Ontario with regards to C4UC. This past weekend OUC was held with the tournament format arranged to send 8 teams to Nationals. This was based upon the websitewhich at the time indicated 8 bids for Ontario. Following the tournament the bids were reallocated with Ontario now receiving 7 bids. This has ignited criticism from Ultimate Canada members in Ontario for a few reasons with the primary one being that bids for the regions should have been determined prior to regionals.


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2017 OUC 4v4 – Results

Yesterday the OUC 4v4swrapped up with 18 teams competing for 8 bids to National Championships. The results (with initial seed) are as follows: Tune Squad (4) Crazy Cat Ladies (5) Tetraphobia (2) Last Call (3) Swift (6) Waitlisted (1) Quality Control (10) Oasis (9) Max Power (8) Force (11) You can watch some of the live stream on our Videos page on Facebook. National Championshipsare less than one month away, March 18-19, at Louis Riel Dome in Ottawa.


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OUC 4v4

Coming up later today and on Sunday morning shall be a live stream of the Ontario Ultimate Championships from Varsity Stadium in Toronto. Visit our Facebook page to stay up to date with the stream as well as events. Go to IAmUltimate on Facebook.


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Happy New Year (2016)

Alright folks, you’ve recovered from last night/last year and are ready to start things afresh. This is an exciting year and there’s a few things I’m looking forward to. First is WUGC at St. Albans in England. This is an important benchmark event that allows the program in each country to measure their progress. The past four years have seen a major transition in the top tier within each country with the legends giving way to the, relatively speaking, youth.


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2015 USA Ultimate Club Championships Thoughts

I’m lucky to get three seasons of Ultimate each year; the first is a European tour that starts/ends with Paganello, the second is the Canadian series (read thoughts ), and the third is the USA Ultimate series. This year was interesting due to the level of competition but more importantly the level of frustration. I’ve waited a week to see what would happen and I’m a little disheartened with a lack of momentum on some key issues.


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What a weekend!

This weekend featured many an exciting tournament. By far the most important was the 2015 US Open in its 4th year running with 3 nationalities in the finals. I remember speaking with Dr. Tom Crawford in Club Nationals in 2011 where he expressed the desire for the US Open to be a premier event, USA Ultimate has achieved that goal. Women’s The Women’s final featured a familiar matchup between Riot and Fury with the two having met many times over not only the last millennia but also in pool play where Riot, current World Champions, won 15-10. With both teams finishing at the top of Pool B they headed into the semi finals against tough opponents. Brute Squad, from Boston, had won Pool A 5-0 after having upset Scandal, current US Club Champions, 13-12 and then tested Fury in their semis matchup. Fury prevailed 15-13 and headed into the finals.


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WCBU 2011 Games

WCBU 2011 was great fun and quite a bit of work. The Blockstack.TV crew filmed and we broadcast some games from some interesting conditions. It was exciting! Those games have been a long time coming but I now have permission to release the videos and you’ll find them on YouTube in a convenient playlist. We learned from our experiences and you’ll notice that our latest videos are much better quality (HD).


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