WUCC 2010: Merchandise Preview!

Five Ultimatehas provided some images of their WUCC 2010 swag which you’ll find below. You’ll be able to buy the merchandise either in Prague or, if you’re not going, directly via their Worlds 2010 online store.


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Beach Footwear Compared

With Beach World Championships in Italy approaching I feel there’s an area where I may provide some knowledge based upon first hand experience with various beach footwear and usage. In this review/comparison article I shall compare: bare feet, Vincere Sand Socks/Boat Socks, Normal Socks, Neoprene Socks, Vibram Five Fingers, Running Shoes, and Cleats. Each form shall be compared to each other based on: Protection (for yourself and others), Grip, Fit/Comfort, Quality, Looks, Price, and General Value. Protection is first on the list of comparison items as it’s generally the reason to purchase footwear. Generally protection is needed from weather and material on the beach that can damage one’s feet. It’s also important to protect others from your own feet and footwear and details shall be included on how damaging the footwear can be to others. A number grade from 0 to 5 will also be assigned to each evaluation with 10 being best. I shall also note that I have quite a bit of experience with each having played on beaches of different sand types (or rock types) in all sorts of weather including typhoon and snow.


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