CUC 2016 – Results

The Edmonton adult finals wrapped up yesterday after several days of exciting Ultimate. Let’s take a look at the outcomes in each division in the order that the finals were played. The Masters Women’s final featured Eclipse (1,ON) vs Throwback (2,AB). In pool play Eclipse had won the matchup 12-10 and a close final was expected. Throwback had an edge with a larger roster and hometown support. After trading points until 2-2 Throwback jumped out to a 5-2 lead. The teams traded a few breaks before Throwback took half 6-8. The second half started out much the same before Eclipse broke to tie it at 10-10. Throwback turned it up another gear and marched down the field and then broke 3 times to take a commanding 14-10 lead before winning 15-11. With this win Throwback becomes a finalist contender at CUC 2017 which shall be played in Eclipse’s backyard.


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CUC 2016: Now it’s all on the line

As the sun sets in Edmonton the CUC 2016 adult divisions pass the halfway mark and into playoffs. The Women’s division has already had the first round of eliminations and start semis in the morning. The Open division starts quarterfinals and crossovers in the early morning. Finally, the Masters divisions shall complete pool play on Saturday morning before heading into semi finals and finals later in the day. With all of this action there are a few key games to watch.


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CUC 2016 – Idle thoughts

The adult divisions, aside from Mixed, kick off play today in sunny Edmonton with great weather expected for the next few days. Let me rephrase that, it’s great weather if you like sunshine, inconsequential wind, and temperature in the mid-20s. Some of us prefer more adverse conditions but I guess this shall do. Anyways, the big story for this tournament is that masters teams are poaching from the younger divisions…or something like that.


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CUC 2015 Thoughts

Well then! The quadrennial event of teams competing to form the selection committee that represents Canada at WUGC has passed and a number of important outcomes should be discussed. I have a few thoughts from my armchair that I’d like to share with you. First, it’s the last time that we’ll have a large combined CUC barring one of the big cities stepping up and hosting both gender specific CUCs and Mixed CUCs together. From the sounds of things it went very well and congratulations to all of those that made it or participated in the series. Even if you don’t make it you’re an important part of the community that develops and moves our sport forward.


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OUC 2015 – Open Master’s Preview

Number of teams: 4 Number of bids to CUC: 2 Teams along with their seed: Shepherds (GTA) The Forgotten (GTA) Iron Crow (Ottawa) Silverbacks (Hamilton) Four teams enter, two teams leave. Except that’s not a fair analogy as this weekend one of those bids is virtually guaranteed to the Shepherds while the other three teams compete for the second bid.


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OUC 2015 – Women’s Masters Preview

Number of teams: 2 Number of bids to CUC: 2 Teams along with their seed: Terra (GTA) Eclipse (Ottawa) In the third year of the Women’s Masters division in CUC we have 7 teams vying to represent Canada. Two of those teams are out of Ontario with Terra from south western Ontario and Eclipse from the National Capital region. Both teams shall qualify for CUC. The rostersof each team show strong players and well known names who have represented Canada at the International level and will likely do so next year as well. They’ll have a tough battle at CUC as the division is likely to be a single pool with round robin play determining seed into the semis.


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Ultimate Canada updated the bid allocation a few days ago to include wildcard assignments. There were few surprises and in bids fell where we thought they would. The new bid system also highlights how important it is for regions to get teams registered early and have fourteen players rostered before the initial deadline. BC lost a Masters bid by registering three teams but not rostering one of the teams fully; they will now need a Regionals to eliminate a team.


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It begins!

In just over a year I’ll be at WUCC 2014 in Italy (at least I should be there). The year leading up to then is going to be full of many intense qualification matches. The WFDF has provided an initial country quota which assigns the initial bids that each country receives in each division. The importance of the release this document cannot be overlooked as it has not been forthcoming in previous years (good job WFDF).


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WCBU 2011 Games

WCBU 2011 was great fun and quite a bit of work. The Blockstack.TV crew filmed and we broadcast some games from some interesting conditions. It was exciting! Those games have been a long time coming but I now have permission to release the videos and you’ll find them on YouTube in a convenient playlist. We learned from our experiences and you’ll notice that our latest videos are much better quality (HD).


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WUGC 2012 – Day 5

Day 5 and we’re past the midway point of this great tournament. We’re now done with cross overs and power pools, it’s time for elimination play, and nerves for fans at home and on the sidelines. For those of you new to the blog, please do not be put off by how negative this post will be, it’s not all cheery at J-GREEN SAKAI. In this post I’ll cover: Team Canada (as usual), Team USA, Team Japan, and Team Australia. Yes, the big four are being talked about mostly because my friend Matt Kass pointed out that all y’all will have them on your mind and I should probably start making bold and wildly accurate predictions.


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