CUC 2016 – Juniors Results

CUC Juniors division completed play yesterday with the top programs finishing about where we’d expect them to. Women’s Top 4: Misfit (BC) Alpha (BC) TORO (ON) Bonfire (BC) Misfit’s win was 14-11 vs Alpha while TORO’s bronze was 15-6 vs Bonfire. Open Top 4: MOFO (MB) TORO (ON) Bonfire (BC) Ignite (ON) MOFO’s win was 15-11 vs TORO while Bonfire’s bronze was 12-9 vs Ignite. Both divisions saw strong performances from the major Ultimate centers of Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Ottawa.


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CUC 2015 Thoughts

Well then! The quadrennial event of teams competing to form the selection committee that represents Canada at WUGC has passed and a number of important outcomes should be discussed. I have a few thoughts from my armchair that I’d like to share with you. First, it’s the last time that we’ll have a large combined CUC barring one of the big cities stepping up and hosting both gender specific CUCs and Mixed CUCs together. From the sounds of things it went very well and congratulations to all of those that made it or participated in the series. Even if you don’t make it you’re an important part of the community that develops and moves our sport forward.


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What a weekend!

This weekend featured many an exciting tournament. By far the most important was the 2015 US Open in its 4th year running with 3 nationalities in the finals. I remember speaking with Dr. Tom Crawford in Club Nationals in 2011 where he expressed the desire for the US Open to be a premier event, USA Ultimate has achieved that goal. Women’s The Women’s final featured a familiar matchup between Riot and Fury with the two having met many times over not only the last millennia but also in pool play where Riot, current World Champions, won 15-10. With both teams finishing at the top of Pool B they headed into the semi finals against tough opponents. Brute Squad, from Boston, had won Pool A 5-0 after having upset Scandal, current US Club Champions, 13-12 and then tested Fury in their semis matchup. Fury prevailed 15-13 and headed into the finals.


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Ontario Junior Regionals 2015

As of today there are 43 Juniors teams registered for CUC 2015. Consider, for a moment, the efforts of coaches, volunteers, players, and parents across the country that are dedicated enough that 43 teams are in the series. Ontario, alone, has 3 Women’s teams and 6 Open teams competing this weekend in Port Hope (schedule).


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CUUC 2011 – Preview

Tally ho! (That’s a greeting right?) I’m sure if you’re reading this that you’ll be somehow involved in, or at least linked to by fewer degrees of separation than to Kevin Bacon, CUUC 2011 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Earth. And so let me open by saying good luck to each and every team, player, coach and especially volunteer that will be a part of this great weekend. :) But, before we get there, the scouting reports! For those of you sidelined and playing fantasy all weekend, listen up, this one’s for you. (And I guess the rest of you can read on too, I can’t stop you.) The university circuit looks stronger than ever this fall, and I have no doubts that there will be come very competitive, high calibre ultimate played this weekend, on the men’s and women’s sides. I’ve asked many captains to give me a little something-something on their team and many have graciously replied, and I thank them for making my life that much easier. So, as the esteemed Mr. Carroll once said (no, not you Andy), we shall begin at the beginning and go on until we come to the end; then stop. There will be no particular order to this, other than letting the ladies go first.


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CUC 2011 Photos by Lee Gonzalzez

On our Facebook page you’ll find photos by Lee taken over the first three days: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.252901271397827.66979.123866190968003&type=1


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CUC 2011 Photos by Jon Hines – Day 3 part 0

Memory card recovered! All pictures below are from that card that was returned to me by the excellent volunteers and staff at the tournament following a thunder storm on day 4. The morning of day 3 was filled with upsets highly intese play as teams were fighting avoid elimination from the championship. I watched Train Wreck loose on Universe point to No Clue? and MuD loose to TFP at the same time. In the same set of games, Union was eliminated by Onyx.


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CUC 2011 Photos by Jon Hines – Day 3

Well, day 3 is done. The Masters and the Juniors finals have been played, won by the Nomads and Shock respectively. Of interest to myself as a mixed ultimate player from Ontario is that all the Ontario mixed teams were eliminated from the top 4. Quebec dominated mixed today taking 3 of the top 4 positions. On the other hand, Open seems to have been dominated by Ontario with 3 of the top 4 teams coming from Ontario.


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CUC 2011 Photos by Jon Hines – Day 2

Today I went fishing for exciting ultimate pictures. I wandered the pond looking for the prime fishing spots, typically settling in for a while to shoot at a game that was fairly closely matched and then moving on when I felt another game could yield better action. At several points I managed to get myself between two games that were closely matched and that had the sun shining on the side of the players I could see, which filled my short term goals nicely. Two such notable combinatinations stand out to me in my 2am haze. The first was the games between Zen and Spawn on one side and MuD and Prodigy on the other, both games went to universe point and were hard fought all the way. The second prime fishing spot I found was Vortex vs. Overdrive and Onyx vs. Team Fischer Price. Both of these games were well matched and TFP won on universe point. These two sets of games were intese and were loaded with layouts. The fact that I could find adjoining down to the wire games is evidence that the competition is starting to heat up as teams work their way towards their final placement in the tournament. I’m really looking forward to the championship play that will be taking place tomorrow as there should be a ton of close games which leads to intense games which leads to more interesting pictures :)


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CUC 2011 Photos by Jon Hines – Day 1

Day one has finished and I can sleep well, having seen a massive variety of top level ultimate, all played on one set of fields. In general, my experience of the day was that most games I saw ended as I was expecting them to, but even heavily mismatched games could yield some exciting ultimate. During the second last time slot of the day I wandered from field to field looking for a game that was not mismatched and close to the end of the list of available games I finally settled on a juniors division game between ResurreXion and CUJO, (Ottawa and Calgary) who did have a close game, hard fought game. I was reminded today that juniors division provides some of the most entertaining ultimate to photograph as the number of contested throws and layouts is much greater due to the ability of youngsters to survive collisions with each other and the ground better than most of the older ultimate brethren.


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