Sidelines 2011-04-25

Welcome to a decidedly international Monday edition of Sidelines! Happy Easter to you all, and an extra special, albeit belated, congratulations to Tushar and Rosie, now engaged. Awwww :) This week: A better way to spend $80 than textbooks Ultimatespeak Straight of of Brisbane, Firestorm! The ’80s, in all their neon, spandex-y glory North Korea? Highlights from our continental neighbours to the south


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Paganello 2010 Open Finals

Finishing up our Paganello2010 Finals today we feature the Open Final. This final features defending champions UTI (UK, Blue) vs Los Tiger (USA, Yellow).


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Paganello 2010 Women’s Final

Continuing with Paganello2010 Finals today we feature the Women’s Final. This final features Super Hot Pot (International, Black) vs Tequila Boom Boom (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, Italy, Purple).


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Paganello 2010 Mixed Final

Continuing with Paganello2010 Finals today we feature the Mixed Finals. This final features Horned Melons (USA, Green) vs ÄssäMix (Finland, Yellow).


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Paganello 2010 Juniors Final

With Paganelloone week away it’s time for the 2010 Finals. Posted in order we start with the Juniors final. This final features Bollywood Swing Kings (Belgium, Red) vs Sun of a Beach (UK, White). Commentary by Steve and Hilco.


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NotSuOh At Paganello Documentary getting closer

Brett has put out a call for assistance in the final stage of his documentary. A few years back he went with a crew to Paganello and started putting together a documentary. It’s an expensive project and has been mostly self funded. He’d like to finish the documentary up but needs to pay an editor for the last stage. It’s an expensive last stage and I’d like to request your assistance in helping us get video on a fantastic tournament attended by a fantastic group of people to the world.


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European Ultimate Championship Finals 2010

European Ultimate Championship Finals This past weekend the last regional finals were played to determine the European finalists. Sixteen open teams and eight womens teams will battle it out at the European Ultimate Championship Finals in Spain on October 1-3.


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Poll: Thinking ahead

WUCC 2010 hasn’t started but I started wondering where the next one should be. Each of the continents has an allure to it that would bring the masses but which one would you prefer? [poll id=”5″]


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Brief report: UKU Tour 2 (Open Divisions A + B)

WIth only two weeks to go until Worlds there weren’t a lot of international teams attending the second installment of the UKU Tour. Irelands Dublin Ultimate and the Netherlands Cambo Cakes being the exceptions. (The first weekend of the UK competition included several more international teams; Ragnarok, Silence, Inside Rakete, Karhukopla and MUC. The report can be read here) The first Tour had a bit of a disappointing final as Clapham convincingly won over Chevron Action Flash with a final score of 15-5. Fire of London took 3rd place that weekend and England solidified it’s reputation as the strongest ultimate nation in Europe. How did the second weekend fare?


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In our world

It’s an exciting weekend coming up for us in this part of Ontario as well as in Europe. I am heading to Cleveland No-Surfwith Too Bad. A number of friends (Rahil, Marc, and others) are heading to Northern Flightsin North Bay. We should get a decent look at what’s going on in Ontario Mixed Ultimate based upon weekend results. Hilco is off to UK Tour II (where he’ll encounter an Australian team that’s on a European tour as part of their WUCC experience). More details on this when he returns. A younger group of friends are attending training camp for the Canadian U23 team in Vancouver.


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