CUUC 2011

After a particularly exciting weekend we’re happy to bring you video from on location. We have a YouTube channel now that we’ll be populating over the next few days with games from CUUC, enjoy! Watch on YouTube


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CUUC 2011 – Preview

Tally ho! (That’s a greeting right?) I’m sure if you’re reading this that you’ll be somehow involved in, or at least linked to by fewer degrees of separation than to Kevin Bacon, CUUC 2011 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Earth. And so let me open by saying good luck to each and every team, player, coach and especially volunteer that will be a part of this great weekend. :) But, before we get there, the scouting reports! For those of you sidelined and playing fantasy all weekend, listen up, this one’s for you. (And I guess the rest of you can read on too, I can’t stop you.) The university circuit looks stronger than ever this fall, and I have no doubts that there will be come very competitive, high calibre ultimate played this weekend, on the men’s and women’s sides. I’ve asked many captains to give me a little something-something on their team and many have graciously replied, and I thank them for making my life that much easier. So, as the esteemed Mr. Carroll once said (no, not you Andy), we shall begin at the beginning and go on until we come to the end; then stop. There will be no particular order to this, other than letting the ladies go first.


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CUUC: Toronto vs Ottawa

On the morning of finals day Toronto took on Ottawa in a strong display handling prowess as well as a strong wind that nearly nullified Toronto’s lead. Featuring players from the U23 team, GOAT, GT, Cambo Cakes, Firebird, and Phoenix it was a handler dominated game.


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CUUC Open Finals

The trigger for last week’s post was my participation in the 3rd Annual Aurora Christmas Classic. This post is a continuation. Apologies for the wind noise, but no apologies for our commentary.


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CUUC Women’s Final

Originally I had planned to post some Beach Ultimate today but a Festivus Miracle has occurred. The trigger was my participation in the 3rd Annual Aurora Christmas Classic. I had attended last year and was surprised by the talent present and now have made it a must attend tournament for each year. Held at the Aurora Sports Dome in Aurora Ontario the tournament features the top young talent in region and it’s quite an important region.


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CUUC 2010 – Western Recap

Once again Mark Lloyd has provided a recap of his experience at CUUC 2010 in Ottawa. Leaving the fields on the Sunday of Eastern’s I think it was safe to say that we at Western had a lot of questions we needed to ask about ourselves as individuals and more importantly as a team. These questions were continually asked in the weeks between Eastern’s and Nationals; are we talented enough to win, do we have the right mix of consistent players as well as playmakers to challenge the top teams. Only one way to find out.


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CUUC 2010

To anyone who didn’t play at this CUUC or hasn’t at a previous one, let me tell you, you’re missing out. The level of intensity is infinitely higher than anything I’ve ever played. Miserable conditions always feed the fire though, and this weekend was no exception form that. The winds were up around 15 KM/h and it felt like they stayed there for most of the weekend, Friday through Sunday. There were definitely at least a few pulls that got carried over a field or two over the course of the weekend.


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Gallery: CUUC 2010

A limited number of photos from each of the days of CUUC. Friday was miserable and the shots aren’t quite as nice as we want but we’re sharing nonetheless. Limited number of photos from Sunday as we were busy filming. Photos can also be found on our Facebook Page.


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CUUC 2010 – Day 2

Exciting days of Ultimate are few and far between. Today we have Patrick Kenzie contributing his perspective below as well as a few additional points by me.


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CUUC 2010 – Day 1

Feeling that my adventures on Friday merited extra sleep I didn’t arrive at the fields until the start of the second game of the day. Already the wind was picking up and a light drizzle was falling The teams on a bye were already complaining about the cold; little did they know that it was about to get worse. With a variety of skill levels the weather made it a day for handlers to shine and the B teams that lacked them suffered.


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