In early 2009 I (Tushar) attended Paganello and tweeted the finals from my Twitter account. While I gained a great many followers I also spammed my friends on Twitter and Facebook with updates on the final games. Given the choice between sharing my love of Ultimate or losing my only non-Ultimate playing friends I took the low road and created a new Twitter feed: @iamultimate.

While Twitter was being put to good use the thought of having a blog was never far from my mind and so iamultimate.com was born.  The first post was a recap of a set of Tweets from the GLOATUS vs Team Canada game in Toronto ahead of World Games.  It was the second post that provided insight as to the goal of the site:  To share in my travels and love of Ultimate.

While mostly still my thoughts and experiences, others have started to contribute and my hope is that over time a range of thoughts are expressed from multiple contributors.  If you have an interest in submitting content then please contact:  editor@iamultimate.com.

Over the years there have been a number of contributors to this website.  Amongst those who have contributed are players and coaches in the Ultimate world.  Thank you to all those that contribute.

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