C4UC 2017 – Predictions

The Canadian 4 on 4 Ultimate Championships shall be held this weekend in Ottawa with 24 teams stock full of talent vying for the crown. I have thought long and hard about predictions and the reality is that it is quite difficult to do so. All the way from the top seeded team to the 24th seed there is little to differentiate any of them. In this tournament you are 2 minutes away from losing a game.

By that I mean that a bad streak on offense can leave you in an unrecoverable position and all of that can happen in a few minutes. So, much of the outcome depends on the play style of a team. Those that are more adaptable and can switch tactics every point shall come out ahead.

While everybody has a shot at gold the top 6 teams in this tournament are the most likely to end up on the finals. That said, the 7th through 12th seeded teams have significant talent and are in a position to upset any of the teams proceeding them.

The teams, in order of seed are:

  1. Tune Squad (ON1)
  2. Mighty Discs (QC1)
  3. Mutiny (NS1)
  4. Sugar Mommies (QC2)
  5. Crazy Cat Ladies (ON2)
  6. Brunch Money (NS2)
  7. Tetraphobia (ON3)
  8. Last Call (ON4)
  9. Swift (ON5)
  10. Qg (QC3)
  11. NL1 (NL1)
  12. NOMO (AB1)
  13. Waitlisted (ON6)
  14. Perle Noire (QC4)
  15. Quality Control (ON7)
  16. Oasis (ON8)
  17. NL2
  18. Sheepish (NS3)
  19. Max Power (ON9)
  20. RIUT (PE1)
  21. Force (ON10)
  22. Fortitude X (MB1)
  23. Fortitude Y (MB2)
  24. NS (EH) (NS4)

The teams in bold are most likely to be in the finals. The teams in italic are the outside wildcards.

Finally, there is one team that can spoil for everybody else: Force (ON10, seeded 21st overall). I’m not expecting them to be in the top 8 but they have the capability to upset a major team. Force is a team that grinds things out and can take quite a bit of energy out of a team. Beware of them.

Aside from Force teams would be careful to respect Swift (ON5, seeded 9th overall). While they may not be familiar players they have been playing together for over 5 years in the WODS indoor speed league as well as on Crash. NL1 (NL1, seeded 11th overall) should also be watched closely. Consisting of core Wreckhouse players they have the ability to grind throughout the tournament.

You can watch the Ultimate Canada live stream here.

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