Not So Ultimate

The last few years have been tough. My work life has consisted of founding/co-founding startups or being an executive at more established companies. This has left little time for Ultimate and as a result my fitness and readiness to play at a high level has taken a hit. In November I suffered a serious setback when I reached back for a disc and had my knee buckle. Unlike 8 years ago, when I partially tore my ACL, I was unable to walk/hobble/put any pressure on my left leg for several days.

The subsequent visits to the doctor’s office, physio, and MRI has revealed two problems:

  1. Inverted meniscus that requires surgery, 6 weeks until 100%
  2. ACL has been non-functional for 8 years, 9 months until 100%

At this point, being a masters age player, not playing much Ultimate, and not having the time to play full time on a team some have counseled me to perhaps hang up my cleats. It’s not an easy decision either way. Saying that I shall no longer play is not the easy way out, it’s a hard decision as is continuing to want to play competitively. What makes this decision doubly difficult is that I recently founded a startup (Minute School , more on this soon) and that leaves little time to train.

Nevertheless, I have carved out some time to train and have tentatively made steps to improve my fitness. The truth is that no matter what happens I am addicted to this sport and our community and will stay involved in some way or other.

So, while the past year as been not so much Ultimate this upcoming year should have more from me on here and on the field. I’ve already planned my trip to Sarasota this fall for US Championships and am tentatively heading to both Canadian and College championships. Stick with me!

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