Credit where credit is due

There’s been plenty of gnashing of teeth this week from Ontario teams about the reallocation of C4UC bids. Ultimate Canada has since posted a statement of apology that provides a few details as to why the situation occurred.

Even the most cynical amongst us need to give credit to Ultimate Canada. UC could have ignored this issue and let it die down but instead they have responded with an apology in a relatively short time period. That they accept the full responsibility for the situation and are working to rectify it is also significant. It is difficult to imagine what UC can do to rectify this situation and players should recognize that.

It seems reasonable, at this point, to consider the situation resolved for the community at large. The affected team may continue to pursue the bid but it appears that short of a drastic change for accommodation that they are unlikely to attend C4UC 2017 as a team. Be heartened instead that UC heard you and responded.

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