CUC 2016 – Results

The Edmonton adult finals wrapped up yesterday after several days of exciting Ultimate. Let’s take a look at the outcomes in each division in the order that the finals were played.

The Masters Women’s final featured Eclipse (1,ON) vs Throwback (2,AB). In pool play Eclipse had won the matchup 12-10 and a close final was expected. Throwback had an edge with a larger roster and hometown support. After trading points until 2-2 Throwback jumped out to a 5-2 lead. The teams traded a few breaks before Throwback took half 6-8. The second half started out much the same before Eclipse broke to tie it at 10-10. Throwback turned it up another gear and marched down the field and then broke 3 times to take a commanding 14-10 lead before winning 15-11. With this win Throwback becomes a finalist contender at CUC 2017 which shall be played in Eclipse’s backyard.

The Masters Open final was played between NSOM (1,QC) and Grizzle (2,BC). In pool play Grizzle went undefeated while NSOM suffered two losses; the first was 8-11 to Grizzle and the second was 14-15 to Intrepid (3,MB). Grizzle roared through the semifinals, 15-5 vs Carbon (8,AB). NSOM had a tighter semi against Mangina (7,SK) where they jumped out to a 4-0 lead and then cruised to a 12-9 finish. In a well spirited finals both teams traded runs of breaks before NSOM broke for the win 15-13. Both teams finished on seed and have setup an interesting situation for next year when powerhouses from Ontario and Manitoba join the fray.

The Women’s finals matchup between Sneaky House Hippos (1,BC) and Fusion (2,MB) looked inevitable as both teams won their pools relatively easily. Fusion had no issues in the playoffs winning the quarterfinals vs QUB (5,QC) 15-5 and their semifinals vs Zephyr (4,BC) 15-7. Sneaky House Hippos, on the other hand, faced immense pressure with a 11-9 close win vs Korra (9,SK) and a 15-12 grind vs Flurry (7,AB). The finals started with the two teams trading points before Hippos went on a run for 3 points making it 7-5. The response from Fusion was fantastic who scored 3 of their own to take half 7-8 and then scored 3 more out of half to make it 7-11. Hippos started to grind and pulled it to 10-11 before trading points to 11-12. Fusion then turned it back on and finished the game out to win 15-11 over the Hippos. With this win Fusion remains a medal contender for 2017, they were 4th last year, and are in the running for a bid to WUCC 2018.

The Open division wrapped up CUC 2016 with Grand Trunk (3,ON) vs General Strike (2,MB). GT had upset Mio Grape (1,BC) in pool play to take first seed going into the playoffs while Strike had a scare vs Alberta Flatball Club (6,AB) 13-12 but maintained seed. In playoffs GT had a steady quarterfinal vs Critical Mass (11,MB) winning 15-9 before a very close semifinal vs Blackfish (4,BC) that was won by cap 11-10. General Strike had less drama winning 15-8 vs Magma (7,QC) in the quarterfinal before their 14-10 semis win vs Mio Grape. The finals featured steady play from both side with minimal risks. Two breaks by GT was all it took, Strike earned one back, to close it out with a 15-12 win. Both squads featured young players who are going to be amongst Canada’s best in the years to come.

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