CUC 2016 – Juniors Results

CUC Juniors division completed play yesterday with the top programs finishing about where we’d expect them to.

Women’s Top 4:

  1. Misfit (BC)
  2. Alpha (BC)
  3. TORO (ON)
  4. Bonfire (BC)

Misfit’s win was 14-11 vs Alpha while TORO’s bronze was 15-6 vs Bonfire.

Open Top 4:

  1. MOFO (MB)
  2. TORO (ON)
  3. Bonfire (BC)
  4. Ignite (ON)

MOFO’s win was 15-11 vs TORO while Bonfire’s bronze was 12-9 vs Ignite.

Both divisions saw strong performances from the major Ultimate centers of Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Ottawa.

Next year’s championships shall be held in Ottawa which shall favor greater participation by teams from the east. We’ll still see teams from the west, especially BC and Winnipeg, so competition should be similar to this year.

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