CUC 2016

Ultimate Canada has announced the two locations for CUC 2016. Juniors, Women’s, Open, Women’s Masters, and Open Masters shall be played in Edmonton. Mixed shall be played in Hamilton. CUC was last held in Edmonton in 2001 while Hamilton has never hosted before.

Along with this announcement there have been concerns about splitting the Ultimate community. These concerns were acknowledged in April when the split was announced but it’s worth mentioning a few things. The number of competitive teams is growing in number and as such creates opportunity for a larger championship and/or larger championship series. The number of communities and venues that can host a larger series is limited in number. Tournament hosting fatigue is a real thing and it takes communities half a decade or more to recover sufficiently to host another CUC. Consider that in the next few years we’ll see 100 teams across all divisions at CUC it’s is very difficult to find space and cities to host.

By having all divisions compete at the same venue or community would limit CUC to a handful of locations. Ultimate Canada has taken a step towards resolving the issue. Venue and field pressure is already a problem so the change is perhaps a little bit late in coming. What’s important is to recognize the opportunity that it creates.

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