OUC 2015 – Women’s Masters Preview

Number of teams: 2

Number of bids to CUC: 2

Teams along with their seed:

  1. Terra (GTA)
  2. Eclipse (Ottawa)

In the third year of the Women’s Masters division in CUC we have 7 teams vying to represent Canada. Two of those teams are out of Ontario with Terra from south western Ontario and Eclipse from the National Capital region. Both teams shall qualify for CUC.

The rosters of each team show strong players and well known names who have represented Canada at the International level and will likely do so next year as well. They’ll have a tough battle at CUC as the division is likely to be a single pool with round robin play determining seed into the semis.

So having a regionals seems a little strange since seeding at CUC won’t matter but it’s an important tournament. For one it allows the players to continue to build chemistry in a competitive environment. While most of the players have played at the elite levels they haven’t played together for a long time.

Here’s how I see the weekend wrapping up:

This is a fun division to watch given the strategic depth that the teams have. Expect tight marks, close coverage, timely switches, and good heads up play.

  1. Terra(1)
  2. Eclipse(2)

Terra is drawing from a larger pool of players including those that have recently played in the Women’s division. Eclipse is coming from a smaller market that is still developing, they too are a strong team but will have a challenge against Terra. Results from JazzFest suggest that Terra is going to take the weekend handily and is also in contention for CUC finals.

Games to watch on Saturday:

For the teams it’s a one day tournament with 3 games on field 5a starting at noon followed by a break before the final two games. The last two games start at 1530 and are the ones to watch as the teams shall have warmed up, had a break to strategize, and should come out gunning. Watch Terra all day if you can, get onto the sideline and listen to how the captains lead and coach.

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