A change in situation

Moments ago Ultimate Canada released the new bid allocations for Mixed.  The primary change was to move an unused allocation from the Prairies and moving Ontario from four to five bids.  This change makes four bids available to teams not named Union.

In a previous post I seeded Ontario as follows:

  1. Union – Toronto
  2. Surge – Kingston
  3. GLIDE – Ottawa
  4. NoBS – Toronto
  5. BLeD – Hamilton
  6. Whiplash – Kitchener/Waterloo
  7. Smoke – Peterborough
  8. Bytown Flatball Club – Ottawa
  9. Alliance (formerly: YARRR) – Oshawa
  10. Quick & Dirty – GTA
  11. Legen-Dairy – Port Perry
  12. Zen – Toronto
  13. BigFish – Ottawa
  14. TWO – Kitchener/Waterloo
  15. Default – Waterloo

(note, BULLDOGS removed as they are not attending Regionals and have merged with other teams)

With four bids remaining any of Surge, GLIDE, NoBS, BLeD, Whiplash, Smoke, and BFC have a good shot at getting to CUC.  YARRR and Quick & Dirty will looking to upset.  If Zen has a good Saturday and a good game on Sunday they too will be in the mix.  With the new bid opening up I think Whiplash, Smoke, and YARRR are the teams to watch out for.

All of the teams have fairly consistent A lines with great men and women but the drop off in experience is something that should cause concern.  Game management will play a big role on Saturday in order to have fresh lines for the important games on Sunday.  With that comes the need for consistency and solid play from all members of a team and I think that it’ll come down to the strength of the women.  The veteran guys are fairly consistent and haven’t changed teams all that much.  However, we’re seeing a move where the top Women players are consolidated on some teams and then evenly distributed amongst others.  The net result is that the small differences amongst the Women players will play a big part in the final outcome.  i’ll have a post in a bit about why that is but it comes down to B-line male players that aren’t great at throwing and the talent that the lady receivers have to make them look good.

In summation:  Ontario Mixed continues to be exciting.

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