WGUC 2012 Recap

Part of the reason that I haven’t written in quite some time is that after WUGC 2012 I wanted to write a recap.  There didn’t seem to be some clean way to wrap up what had happened and to properly describe what I felt.  I bring up feelings because WUGC was tough to watch as a spectator.  It was tough to watch TC lose in the semis and finals.  It was tough especially watching the Open and Women’s teams as at some point in each game it became obvious that our heros suddenly looked very old and tired.  Players that many of you have always known as the best and who have always been the best were worn out from being on the pedestal for too long.  Left in their places was the brashness of youth that was now skeptical and no longer implicitly trusted their team.

We’ve played in games where we’ve looked off a receiver because we doubt their ability or that we’ve taken the edge off of a throw to make it easier for them to get to.  We’ve all also zoned into a receiver so much that we fail to see the full play.  Conversely, being looked off because of doubt (regardless of merit) is extremely frustrating especially when it’s a feeling you haven’t experienced in sometime.  Sometimes we’re a step behind on D or a pass makes its way through a field of players without anybody knocking it down.  All of this wears on the psyche and it’s all the edge that a team needs.  It’s just as bad watching players doubt themselves, lose that skip in their step, to dip their heads slightly as their eyes search furtively for answers.

My memories have faded somewhat from the summer and I can’t be certain the above is true but I do know that when I speak with players now about those games it still hurts them.  There was so much expected and while most would have been happy to finish with a medal we are not.  Canadian Ultimate players are amongst the best and the bar is set high.  None of our National teams go into competition without expecting to win, and that’s the way it should be.  What happens when we lose though?  We get up, train harder, invest in the future, and go back out stronger and faster.  Almost every player looked determined and resolved after their losses that they weren’t done; that they’d be back and they wanted gold.  That’s the sort of resolve that I cheer for.

I think part of the reason I haven’t blogged for so long is that after WUGC I wanted to write a recap but also address TC.  Perhaps I’ll write a recap in the future or maybe I won’t.  Other topics seem more relevant.

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