WUGC 2012 – Day 4

Really short post as photos and results say it all.  It was a day of firsts.  The Women’s Masters division debuted at WUGC and is a huge step forward for the division.  We’ve seen Open Masters for a while but to see six solid teams in the Women’s Masters division is fantastic.  The teams are closely matched and it was a pleasure to watch high level Ultimate with a touch more experience.  A comment from the sideline says it all:  “Are these Masters Women?  They don’t look like it.”  Seems to me that we need a few showcase games to show off the ladies’ speed and skills.

First day of GUTS as well and I must say:  GUTS is Ultimate.  Spirit of the Game, speed, power, and fun!  The competitors all had smiles on their faces, were genuinely having fun, and made me realize one very important point:  GUTS is about not taking oneself seriously.  I think I’m going to have to get folks together and play some GUTS.  Photos in the album and expect more in the next few days as it’s quite exciting.

Another first was the first cross over games.  Big games to setup the next set of pools and as the top teams said:  “The tournament starts now.”  All of the top teams had a good day and very little rocked them.  Team Canada’s have collectively gone 23-0 so far.  Expect the tournament to get really hard now; getting gold ain’t easy.


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