Signs of life?

Hello Ultimate friends and fans.  After a very long hiatus I plan on a momentary relapse before once again vanishing (online that is).  I’ve been busy with work and life (those of you that know me will know what’s up) but I have still been active in Ultimate.

This posting is to inform you that I’m heading to WUGC and am planning on some coverage from Japan.  Postings may be delayed due to inclement weather but I shall provide a perspective of the event as it happens.  I am also planning on attending CUC later this year and will update all y’all at that time.

Of note should be a particular direction change.  Since starting this blog a number of sites, magazines, and services have arrived on the scene that do a fantastic job of doing what we originally did.  Now that Skyd and NexGen are more established it is not necessary for me to rehash what those excellent and far more capable entities observe.  I am, instead, going to focus on the journey and emotion.  There shall also be a few more opinion pieces that shall appear over time.

Hope you enjoy the next few weeks.

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