NGN – NexGen Network

After the fantastic NexGen Tour this past summer many of us wondered what the crew were up to, what were their plans for the new year.  I asked Kevin, and the crew, as much in Sarasota and was told that something was in the works.  That something has now been announced and it’s the NexGen Network.

The NexGen crew plan on continuing bringing us the best video Ultimate coverage possible as well as live broadcasts but they need a bit of help first.  Tournaments are expensive to air and they’re hoping to raise $20,000 for the first two.  As somebody who has broadcast previously I can tell you that even a single camera setup is quite expensive and that they plan on covering two tournaments with three cameras.

So, if you enjoyed the work they did and want to see more then donate a little, just a bit, to their Kickstarter campaign .

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