Sidelines 2011 – 12 – 09

Sidelines! Sidelines! Party time! Excellent!

(Wayne) Woah, alright, excellent. EXTREME CLOSEUP!!! WOAHHHHHH! (Garth) WOAHHHHHH! (Wayne) WOAHHHHHH! Alright, excellent, excellent extreme closeup. Now it’s time for Wayne’s world totally amazing discoveries!

Tonight on Sidelines:

The best use of a speedboat since James Bond got away in one

Sockeye Camps

Bad 80s movies


Baberaham lincoln?

(Wayne) Our first guest is Brodie Smith, come on down man. (Brodie) Thanks Wayne, hey guys! (Wayne) So Brodie, your youtube channel (brodiesmith21) is blowing up with now over 100,000 subscribers, what’s it like having such a huge microphone? (Brodie) It’s awesome Wayne, the response is always great and I get to work with cool people like DudePerfect and it’s just a great experience. (Wayne) So here’s your newest, I saw this and flipped, man I wanna do that! Not surprised you have so many subscribers, you don’t need to play ultimate to say WOAHHHHHH!

Ok awesome, thanks Brodie, that was sweet. Garth what do we have up next? (Garth) Well, uh, nobody does this bigger than the Seattle Sockeye and I think more teams should do it. Do you live in a non-ultimate filled nation? Yearnin’ for some learnin’? Fear not, Sockeye (might) come to the rescue! Especially if you’re in Moscow this coming May, check it out.

(Wayne) You know Garth, I don’t know if they get Aurora Cable 10 in Moscow. But sha-wing, that’s awesome! I’m psyched for that, and I’m not even in Moscow! WOAHHHHHH! Alright, our next video comes from FHM magazine, (together) sha-wing! It’s an oldie but a goodie, roll it Garth.

Frisbee of Death

WOAHHHHHH! Didn’t see that comin’, did you? What a sucker, but I gotta forgive him for thinking the ultimate player is just a nice guy. (Garth) Shyeah, for sure. So up next, from, uh, novatoan, we’ve got finally an answer to the age old question, and I know you’ve all guessed at it, how many beers fit in a disc?

(Wayne) I did not know that. (Garth) Well now you do man, party on. (Wayne) Alright, so to wrap up tonight we’ve got something you may have heard of, but might not quite fully understand. Ultivillage is doing big things these days, which started with the creation of the ETP, nine elite men’s teams across North America. I won’t spoil too much of what Ultivillage has to offer, but they’re starting to sound the GOL TV of frisbee, and that deserves an honourary sha-wing! (Garth) Ultivillage, if you were the president, you’d be baberaham Lincoln. (Together) Shaaaaaaa-wing.

Wow, what totally amazing discoveries. NOT! Ok, that’s all the time we have this week. Until next time, GOOD NIGHT! (Garth) Party on Wayne! (Wayne) Party on Garth!

Sidelines! Sidelines! Party time! Excellent!


Bonus! (Wayne) This is my best friend, Garth Algar. (Hi.) I think we’ll go with a little Bohemian Rhapsody , gentlemen?

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