Viewers Guide – Day 2

Day 2 sees the start of power pools in the Open and Mixed Division, as well as the conclusion of pool play in the Women’s Division. Masters continue their Pool play through Saturday Morning. For Men’s and mixed, I’m going to assume no upsets in pool play, of course this could change and timings are unknown, so instead I will just list some games in the open division which are interesting to watch.

Day 2 – Open

Open 1) GOAT vs. Mephisto

Goat faces a tough challenge probably to start the day on Friday Morning. Facing off against Mephisto. Mephisto from Montreal lost a number of key players to Odyssee this year; however never count out the likes of Shaggy Mark Zimmerel or Dan Fassina. Shaggy could quite possibly be the best handler in the wind, and if the weather does not cooperate, he will have a distinct advantage. This is also in some ways a rematch of the 2010 CUC finals.

Open 2) GOAT vs. General Strike

General Strike’s young team will look to give Goat a run for its money on Friday. Watch for longtime friends Quinn and Mark Lloyd to match up at least once (hopefully) this game with bragging rights not the only thing on the line.

Open 3) Feed the Geese vs. Mephisto

This will be one of those games that can define the tournament. The winner of this game will likely avoid a quarter final game against Furious George.

Open 4) Furious George vs. Phoenix

The defending Bronze medalists look to steal the 2 seed from Furious George on its home turf. Looking to make the finals for the second time in 3 years, beating the monkey is important for the bird to set up an easier path to Carlton Stadium.

Open 5) Grand Trunk vs. Maverick

These two teams have met at every tournament this year (or so it seems). Both teams know each other well and there will be few surprises this weekend. They always put on a good show, the last two games going in Mavericks favour 12-10 and 15-14. Watch for Thomas Black and Aaron Kuchwary to try and take on the likes of Daniel Bower and Kevin Horgan.

Open 6) Blackfish vs. Maverick

This game as well should feature some fast paced action with each team looking to avoid playing Phoenix and Goat in the Quarters on Saturday.

Women’s Day 2

The women’s division finishes out pool play and starts its Pre-quarters in the last round on Friday (1:45 pm). Of note, there is the potential (and probable) finals preview on Friday at 1:45 pm.

Women 1) Capitals vs. Traffic – Field 2

Expect this to be an interesting chess match early in the tournament. Both teams will be holding stuff back for the finals on Sunday, but both teams will look to win the game to plant a seed of doubt in its opponents. Look for a lot of “woman on woman” and individual matchups to be shown as I imagine a lot of the zones are going to be saved for the finals on Sunday. Capitals players to watch are Anne Mercier, Dan Fortin, Malissa Lundgren, Sarah Kidd and Laurel Berkowitz. (I could basically list anyone on the team here, and I expect everyone to be worth watching). Traffic players to watch include Melissa Harder, Kira Frew, Ashlee Davison and Rena K.

Women’s 2) PPF vs. Fusion (possible matchup)

If things go according to seed, PPF and Fusion will matchup in what should be a good measuring stick to see how far Fusion has come from last year. The winner of this game will avoid the winner of the Capitals/Traffic game in the semi’s.

I would suggest trying to catch the 4/5 matchups in the pre-quarters, the women’s division is very tight and will provide some great matchups.

Masters Day 2

The Masters Division continues its pool play on Friday with some interesting matchups.

Masters 1) GLUM vs. Nomads – 8:30 am – field 1

A possible Finals preview, this should be a phenomenal game. The winner likely avoiding Tombstone in the Semi-Finals on Saturday.

Masters 2) Tombstone vs. Nomads – 10:15 am – Field 2

Another possible Finals matchup with the teams likely trying to pull out all the spots to avoid Glum in the semifinals.

Masters 3) NSOM vs. FigJam – 10:15 am – Field 8

Nothing Sexier than Old Montrealers is going to turn some heads this weekend in Ottawa. The core of the team I recognize from Omen a couple of years ago, look for Players like Stephan Krajicek and Fadi to try and position NSOM into a semifinal berth on Saturday.

Masters finals are on Saturday at 3:30 pm on Field 2, with Semi’s going Saturday at 12, Fields 1 and 7. I believe if he can, Tushar will try and broadcast the Masters finals online or at least record them.

Mixed Day 2

Like the Open Division, Mixed goes into power pools on Friday. I’ll address some potential matchups that I think will be interesting to watch.

Mixed 1) Odyssee vs. Union

It’ll be interesting to see how Union matches up with Odyssee. I don’t think they have played the combined squad yet this year, but they had close matchups against the split squads at Comedy of errors.

Mixed 2) Odyssee vs. Trainwreck

Similar to Union, it’ll be interesting to see how some of the guys like Kielan and Karl matchup against some of the Odyssee guys like Christian and Jean-Levy Champagne. Remember, it was just 2 years ago in Winnipeg when some of these guys met in the Open finals with Phoenix and Mephisto.

Mixed 3) TFP vs. Onyx

Probably the most exciting matchup of the Friday in the mixed division (possibly the tournament). The winner looks to avoid Odyssee in the Semi’s. Look for Eric Dion and Marie Andre to lead Onyx against Scotty Hislop, Tiffany Lin and Jeremy Norden.

Mixed 4) No Clue? vs. Spawn.

No Clue? From Montreal from my understanding consists of a lot of former RIP players. Spawn will give the team from Montreal a good run trying to avoid the Odyssee Quarterfinal.

Mixed 5) Zen vs. Rip

A game possibly from the lower division, Rip looks for revenge against a Zen squad that beat them at Mixed up.

Mixed 6) BFC vs. Skysharks

Hometown BFC will look for a big win against the SkySharks from Victoria to try and make the quarters. This game will probably be very important when looking at bids for Nationals next year, as the winner could earn their province an extra spot next year.

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