Viewers Guide – Day 1

Instead of writing up a preview, I’ll provide a couple of good matchups to watch over the first 2 days in every timeslot for people that are coming to watch CUC 2011. If you’re on a bye or just watching some of the best ultimate in the country, walk over to these matchups and be entertained.

Day 1 – 8:30am

Women’s 1) Vintage vs. Wild Rose – Field 4.

Vintage from Montreal has a couple of solid veterans from the Montreal system and will be looking to start out strong against Wild Rose from Calgary. Lookout for players like Alison Fischer and Courtney White.

Open 1) Maverick vs. NADS – Field 15

Maverick from Waterloo takes on a solid North Bay NADS team that should have everyone together for the first time this year. Lookout for matchups that include Thomas Black vs. Duane Cullin and Andrew Higgins vs. Sebastian Bell.

Masters 1) Tombstone vs. Flood. – Field 12

Flood lost to another Toronto team, Fuel in the bronze medal game last year in Sherbrooke. I’m sure both teams will want to start out on the right foot.

Day 1 -10:15am

Women’s 2) Traffic vs. PPF – Field 2

PPF is a strong squad this year, and if any team is capable of pulling an upset in the “dream” Finals, they are it. They get their first crack at Traffic on Thursday Morning. It’ll be interesting to see how Traffic handles the physical cutting styles of Darcy Drummond and Rebecca MacPherson.

Men’s 2) FTG vs. Ghosts – Field 6

FTG is solid. Make no mistake about it. This group of guys have proven over the years that Nationals is their time to shine. Ghosts from Calgary are also a very good team. Led by Tierney Fitzgerald, Calgary is looking to create some noise this weekend in Ottawa. Keys to the matchup may be how FTG’s O line can convert, and how their D line can handle players like Alex Ramadan. It’ll be interesting to see how the Ghosts contain Taylor Martin and Andrew Butler.

Masters 2) Tombstone vs. GLUM – Field 12

Tombstone and GLUM played 2 great games in Ottawa earlier this year at No Borders. No reason that this matchup will disappoint at all. Look for GLUM to try and contain John McCarton and Andrew Edgall. David Shimoda and Matt Chellew will also make some noise this game. For Glum, look for Geofford Seaborn to talk a lot of trash, and back it up.

Day 1 – Noon

Mixed 1) Spawn vs. RIP – Field 14

A rematch (I think) of the semi’s game from Sherbrooke.  If not, 2 of the 4 Semi-finalists from Last year.  Both faced a (slight?) rebuilding year. It’ll be interesting to see how they perform on Day 1.

Mixed 2) Union vs. ARH – Field 19

The #4 seed, Union looks to start strong with its first game against a west coast squad in ARH from Edmonton will take on Ontario’s top ranked team. Watch for Chris Bracht and Sean Henderson to come down with some big discs.

Day 1 – 1:45 PM

Women’s 3) QUB vs. Vintage – Field 4

Quebec #2 and 3 go head to head on day 1 of Nationals.

Women’s 4) Storm vs. Fusion – Field 7

Montreal vs. Winnipeg, Storm will be looking to steal Fusion’s seed with a bye directly to the quarters at stake.

Open 3) Mephisto vs. General Strike. – Field 13

Montreal vs. Winnipeg (again!). 1st place in the D pool is on the line in this important matchup. The winner will possibly avoid a quarter final against Furious or Phoenix.

Open 4) Q vs. NADS – Field 9

Winner will probably get a spot in the power pools.  Let’s see if the NADS can handle the expert handler movement that Q brings forward.

Open 5) GT vs. Too Bad.

Too Bad beat us at Regionals. Enough Said. On a side note, this will be Greg Lang’s 25th CUC. Every single one.

Day 1 – 3:30 PM

Mixed 3) HARD vs. MUD – Field 5

Important game for both teams trying to make the quarters. A win in this game will go a long way in accomplishing that feat.

Mixed 4) ONYX vs. RIP – Field 13

CUC 2010 Finals rematch. Not the same as last year, but it is always an entertaining game between these two solid squads.

Day 1 – 5:15 PM

Mixed 5) BFC vs. Zen – Field 12

Zen makes its long anticipated return to the Canadian Ultimate Championships. Missing since 2006, Zen has always put together a strong squad, missing out on Nationals by 1 or 2 places. Exciting Universe point wins bring Zen back to CUC, and to Ottawa. Zen’s best shot at a win on Day 1 comes against a slightly retooled BFC squad. Led by Katie Wood, BFC have picked up Craig “Frogger” Froats and look to take on a strong Zen squad led by Veteran Steve Canning and Norm Lew. Look for this to be a full out battle.

Mixed 6) Union vs. Trainwreck – Field 17

A couple of fields over, Toronto A plays Ottawa A in probably one of the most important games of the early CUC schedule. Both teams played an amazing final at the Ontario regional Championships, with a universe point that defies explanation. You can watch the video here:

Both teams have retooled for Nationals taking advantage of an upset in the Women’s division to shore up their ranks. Union picking up two solid handlers, and Trainwreck two solid cutters. The X factor may be Isaiah Masek-Kelly. Picked up from Goat’s practice roster, Isaiah will look to bring his dominance to the coed game and shut down the likes of Kielan Way, or Rey Artega. In the end though, the first team that effectively uses their women, will walk away the victors.

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