NexGen vs GOAT Gallery

On a warm July evening some of the best players from the USA played the best players in Eastern Canada.  While particularly tricky to shoot due to low light conditions I managed to snag a few decent photos.

NexGen hobbled by a few injuries and without a bus were showing the affects of life on the road.  While the carefree NexGen warmed up individually or in pairs GOAT ran team warmups; the Observers also warmed up as a group.  On the field NexGen play as a cohesive group of guys but what makes them great are their handlers.  Regardless of position they able to thread the disc through the slimmest of gaps and take advantage of the athleticism of the cutters.  At the same time, NexGen’s defense forced GOAT to play incuts and took away the huck game.  With players normally used to wide open throws the younger cutters on GOAT never quite got into a groove.  GOAT handler Adrian Yearwood anchored the handler line and maintained the tempo along with Thomson McKnight while relying heavily upon Mark Lloyd and Cam Harris upfield.  It wasn’t until just before half that many of the veterans took to the field.  The second half saw quite a bit of pressure from NexGen and by all accounts they were in the driving seat until a few drops let them down.  GOAT wrapped up the game 15-13.

By all accounts this was not a good game for GOAT.  While they were missing many of their key handlers it took them a while to adjust to the deep double/triple coverage.  Since this game they have played Furious in Colorado (GOAT won) and that may not bode well for GOAT at CUC.

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