CUC 2011 Photos by Jon Hines – Day 3

Well, day 3 is done. The Masters and the Juniors finals have been played, won by the Nomads and Shock respectively. Of interest to myself as a mixed ultimate player from Ontario is that all the Ontario mixed teams were eliminated from the top 4. Quebec dominated mixed today taking 3 of the top 4 positions. On the other hand, Open seems to have been dominated by Ontario with 3 of the top 4 teams coming from Ontario.

I got to the tournament nice and early today and got a ton of pictures in the morning, however, my memory card seems to have gone walking which means that the gallery below is completely comprised of my second memory card’s worth of pictures.  There may be a lost gallery posted on iamultimate at a later date, depending on whether or not my card is returned/is found when I scour the hill I left my camera bag and wife and baby on for most of the day.

I actually found the juniors semi-finals to be the most interesting to watch today, they were both well matched and had a good mix of smooth play and ballsy moves.  The masters and juniors finals are featured below along with some extra shots from the afternoon.

The following pictures were taken by Jon Hines on August 13 at the 2011 Canadian Ultimate Championships in Ottawa Ontario.


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