CUC 2011 Photos by Jon Hines – Day 2

Today I went fishing for exciting ultimate pictures.  I wandered the pond looking for the prime fishing spots, typically settling in for a while to shoot at a game that was fairly closely matched and then moving on when I felt another game could yield better action.  At several points I managed to get myself between two games that were closely matched and that had the sun shining on the side of the players I could see, which filled my short term goals nicely.  Two such notable combinatinations stand out to me in my 2am haze.  The first was the games between Zen and Spawn on one side and MuD and Prodigy on the other, both games went to universe point and were hard fought all the way.  The second prime fishing spot I found was Vortex vs. Overdrive and Onyx vs. Team Fischer Price.  Both of these games were well matched and TFP won on universe point.  These two sets of games were intese and were loaded with layouts.

The fact that I could find adjoining down to the wire games is evidence that the competition is starting to heat up as teams work their way towards their final placement in the tournament.  I’m really looking forward to the championship play that will be taking place tomorrow as there should be a ton of close games which leads to intense games which leads to more interesting pictures :)

Compared to yesterday, the sun was out almost all day, it should be apparent in the pictures, check out the difference in lighting and you’ll see why photographers like thin cloud cover.  I hear it should be either coudy or rainy tomorrow which should make the fishing all the more rewarding.

The following pictures were taken by Jon Hines at the 2011 Canadian Ultimate Championships in Ottawa, Ontario.


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