CUC 2011 Photos by Jon Hines – Day 1

Day one has finished and I can sleep well, having seen a massive variety of top level ultimate, all played on one set of fields.  In general, my experience of the day was that most games I saw ended as I was expecting them to, but even heavily mismatched games could yield some exciting ultimate.  During the second last time slot of the day I wandered from field to field looking for a game that was not mismatched and close to the end of the list of available games I finally settled on a juniors division game between ResurreXion and CUJO, (Ottawa and Calgary) who did have a close game, hard fought game.

I was reminded today that juniors division provides some of the most entertaining ultimate to photograph as the number of contested throws and layouts is much greater due to the ability of youngsters to survive collisions with each other and the ground better than most of the older ultimate brethren.

Tomorrow I think the games will be a bit closer as pool play winds to and end and teams that are seeded more closely will be playing each other.  I’m excited to see games between Phoenix and Furious as well as Traffic and the Capitals.

The following pictures were taken at the 2011 Canadian National Championships on August 11 in Ottawa Ontario by Jon Hines.


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