No Borders 2011 – Pictures by Jon Hines

No Borders 2011 was the site of some really exciting ultimate.  The addition of a cash prize lead to some interesting sideline discussions about exactly what a team would need to do to win the coveted 9th place and the $500 prize that comes with it.  I played for “Wax Power” an open pickup team made up mostly of men from various Ontario mixed teams.  We won all our games in our pool (Fire Bird, Roy and O Town Throw Down) and lost to Red Circus in our crossover.

I’m afraid that I was a bit too busy playing the first day to take many pictures but I did come back with a bunch that I was happy with from the second day (image 3 and onwards).  I ended up covering 3 PPF games, 2 of them were against the Capitals (playoffs and the final) so PPF and the Capitals are well represented below.  I shot straight through the women’s final, images 14 – 22, and the open final between Goat and Phoenix which accounts for images 23 – 32.

The following pictures were taken over the course of No Boarders 2011 by Jonathan Hines.



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