CUC 2011 Calling it now – Part 1

I apologize for not posting in a few months; the new company ticks along quite well and that’s due to the hard work of many.  Work combined with a lack of an Ontario season, May was almost fully rained out, meant little Ultimate to speak of for this reason.  However, it is now time to return to this site and I shall do so in grand fashion by making predictions on CUC 2011 results…right now.

There are a few rules to this game so as to provide maximum enjoyment for the reader:

  1. I must make a prediction in every division for the top four.
  2. I cannot say it’s too close to call.
  3. If, in my mind, there is a tie then I must do my best to antagonize a local team (usually Southern Ontario).
  4. I must select a Dark Horse for each division.



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