Sidelines 2011-04-25

Welcome to a decidedly international Monday edition of Sidelines! Happy Easter to you all, and an extra special, albeit belated, congratulations to Tushar and Rosie, now engaged. Awwww :)

This week:

A better way to spend $80 than textbooks


Straight of of Brisbane, Firestorm!

The ’80s, in all their neon, spandex-y glory

North Korea?

Highlights from our continental neighbours to the south

You know what kills me? Buying a $100 textbook and not opening it until a week before an exam. You know what would be a better use of that $100? $20ish worth of whatever you’re into (I’m not judging) and some awesome custom sublimated shorts from VC. Get in on the order while you can, with no money down*, no HST* and no interst for 36 months*, you can’t lose!† Email if you’re interested. I’d post a picture of them, but this is WordPress’ time of the month. An email inquiry gets you more info and a .jpg, and trust me, they’re so awesome, VC is keeping the design for future reference.† (* – Not true, † – True)


Ultimate has possibly the most vocal sidelines in sport, but if you don’t know what they’re all hollering about, it gets confusing. Wondering what all the fuss is? Check out Ultimate Junky‘s bit on the basic terms in ultimate and get on your horse to going hoarse! (Worst pun ever?)


To all three (and climbing!) of our readers down under, an homage to you. Ultimate is well alive throughout Australia, with teams like Firestorm (Brisbane, midway up the east coast), whom we feature here thanks to their resident photographer Mark Dolan. To you ultimate players around the world, keep on keepin’ on!



Hey grandmasters, remember the ’80s? See who you can identify in these highlights from the 1983 World Championships of Ultimate. For those of us who can’t remember that far back, stick on some Billie Jean or Burnin’ Down The House and enjoy what your parents had to live through. Parts 2-10 are elsewhere on the same channel.



Ever wonder what the Latvian or Mozambican equivalent of TUF is? Check out this thread on 2011 tournament listings around the world, including everywhere from Austria to…ok, there’s no country listed that starts with Z, but you get the picture. And yes, as promised, North Korea has one, and it’s as suspect/intriguing/awesome as you think it is.


I personally have never been to Worlds, but the Venezuelans always send a strong force, drawing from teams like Fenix to bolster their squad. Check out highlights from them and around Venezuela (including some from 1979?!?!? LOVE IT), it’s a very different style from us up north and I think we can both draw from each other to improve our games. The Romans weren’t all that original either, but look where it took them.


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