Sidelines: 2011-04-15

This week on sidelines:


Beginner Tips from the zen master

Stanford Invite & Potlatch Galleries

News from the North!

WUCC Finals in full!!!

World Peace!!!!! (no, seriously)


With Tushar in Europe for the next little while, I’ll be taking over Sidelines for the time being. Best of luck to him and everyone else who made the trip across the pond to the beach! We’ll be sure to enjoy our grey, Canadian spring while you’re away…

New to the sport? Head over to UltimateRob to get you started in the right direction, grasshopper. Skills, tips and tricks to help you snatch the pebble from his hand. Great place for players of any level to learn and improve.


Thanks go out to Andy Davis for this gallery of this year’s Stanford Invite.



Best of luck to Lakehead University (Thunder Bay!) who head across the border to their first ever US College Sectionals this weekend, and to everyone else going. Be sure to follow scores on the USA Ultimate score reporter (link in the link) as well. Make us proud, boys!


Miss the antics from Potlatch 2010? Don’t worry, Bil Elsinger will fill you in, I hope it convinces you to make it out this year!



For those of us not lucky enough to be in Prague to see the 2010 WUCC, here’s the next best thing: YouTube! Check out the full 2010 WUCC Finals (in 6 parts, but hey, you can’t have everything), Revolver vs Sockeye, (and a few other highlight reels to boot) here, courtesy of Revolver Ultimate. Easily one of the highest calibre games played to date. Beginners? These are the guys you’re trying to snatch the pebble from.



And finally, yes, world peace via ultimate frisbee. With a resumé including things like Camp UP in Israel, Ultimate Peace brings people together on the playing field, regardless of what happens off it. I can’t say enough about groups like this, any group that breaks down barriers and gets people and, more importantly, youths together will always be a positive. Great cause guys, keep up the good work. :)

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