After a long hiatus of the Sidelines posts we return!  With (hopefully) great success!!!  Please be careful as you could very well waste a few hours at work exploring what we’ve got below.


If you’re in the mood for a bit of Ultimate in the middle of Winter (or Summer depending on where you’re from) then look no further than the Ultimate Fiesta Sand and Grass Coed Hat Tournament in Pie de la Cuesta (which is Spanish for a Pie in the…well…use your imagination).  January 12th to 16th will see the 11th edition of the tournament.  Full details here.

Nine Bullets

In typical Japanese fashion we’re once again shown that the Bunka Buzz Bullets are pretty much perfect…with their flicks.

Bullets and Lightning

Ultimate Canada Committee Positions

Are you a UC member interested in Competition or Development of our sport?  Why not consider working on one of the committees?  Application forms now available.


About time that somebody finally started thinking about next year in a meaningful way.  A brand new team with many familiar faces is taking shape in Quebec and they plan on winning the 2011 CUC Mixed title:  Odyssee.

Master Frisbee

Once again Sludge Output gives us something to look back upon fondly while we sip hot chocolate in our homes (or a cold Fosters).

EUCF Stats!

Great stats for every game have been posted, gracias!

2010 Boston Invite Final

The Boston Invite is one of the highest caliber tournaments in the US and brings the best teams in the NE (and beyond) together for some epic matches.  A few highlight clips from a sideline are available in the clip below featuring GOAT vs Ironside (2nd at UUCC 2010).  Familiar faces all around.

Stoly Ultimate vs Flying Angels Bern

Amongst the best teams in Europe were present in Prague and these two are no exception.  FAB won EUCF 2010 later in the year.

2008 South Regional Finals

Doublewide vs Chain Lightning in an epic finals.  If you aren’t familiar with their stories:  Doublewide finished 11th in 2008, 5th in 2009, and 3rd in 2010 at UPA/USA Finals as well as 9th at WUCC 2010 taking out Clapham 13-12 in their last match.  Chain won UPA Finals in 2009 and finished fourth at WUCC.  World class teams just before they went big (in Japan).

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