Paganello 2003 Finals

It’s Video Wednesday!  As our editor takes a break from CUC Finals (Open will be here in December) we look to the Beach for some inspiration.  The next major tournament on all Calendars (aside from Australia, you folks are always six months ahead…or behind) is Paganello.  While registration is closed you should know (just between you and me) that if you had an Open or Women’s team you’d probably still be allowed to place a bid and might even be considered (consider it).

Anyhow, today we bring you three finals rather than just a single one!  I’ve been digitizing my Paganello DVDs for the NoTsuOh@Paganello project (please consider donating) and thought it would be a good idea to share.  Going back to 2003 back before the tent with two spires, back when the fashion was just a little different from what it is now, back when Woody was still a young guy, back when…I was still young!  Featuring three finals presented in the order they were shot along with commentary by Tony Leonardo (before he was really old)!  Apologies for the audio issues.

A big thank you to Gege and Laura who drove me around Rimini so that I could get to the Paga office to get the Paga DVDs.

Mixed Finals featuring “Horned Melons” (Blue) and “Lick my Love Pump” (White) both from the USA: Watch Now.

Women’s Finals featuring “Bliss” (Red) from the UK and “Costal Tendencies” (Blue) from the USA: Watch Now.

Open Finals featuring “UTI” (White) from Europe/All Over and “NotSuOh” (Blue) from the USA: Watch Now.

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