CUUC Women’s Final

Originally I had planned to post some Beach Ultimate today but a Festivus Miracle has occurred.  The trigger was my participation in the 3rd Annual Aurora Christmas Classic.  I had attended last year and was surprised by the talent present and now have made it a must attend tournament for each year.

Held at the Aurora Sports Dome in Aurora Ontario the tournament features the top young talent in region and it’s quite an important region.  An excellent high school program has produced members of the UWO Mens and Women’s teams, GOAT and Grand Trunk players, players on Canada’s U23 Open and Women’s teams, and Lotus players.  The number of national and international championship wins split amongst a few high schools in the region is simply astounding.

The AACC is a showcase of the youth coming up through “the system” and a barometer for what we can expect in the coming year.  With that in mind consider the video below where some of the participants in the finals were playing just a few hours ago at a little hat tournament with a bunch of friends.

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