Weekend Update: 2010-10-11

With the final round of Regionals now finished the stage is set for USA Championships in Florida.  In this episode we’ll recap the following results from Regionals:


In Masters two teams out of six would head to Florida and it all went by the book…almost.  Second seed Real Huck lots to Old Style in Pool Play requiring two wins of them on Sunday which they managed after beating Old Style in a rematch.  Surly had a reasonable tournament with close games on Saturday against the second and third seed (13-10 each); they had little trouble on Sunday morning winning 15-5 in the Championship match.

The Mixed division brought sixteen teams together to compete for one of four bids.  World Champions CLX came in seeded third due to two losses to second seed Overhaul this season.  Overhaul added a third victory in semis on Saturday afternoon but couldn’t add a forth when CLX won the 2nd place match 24 hours later.  Drag’n Thrust won the #1 seed out of the region against Overhaul 15-13 while Method (4) took the fouth bid against scottyface.  Except amazing things from the four teams out of the competitive Central region.

In Open a division as large as Mixed but with one fewer bid meant that one team out of Machine, Madison Club, Madcow, and Sub Zero wasn’t getting in.  Unfortunately for Sub Zero they lost 15-11 to Madison in the 2nd place match and then 15-12 to Madcow in the game to go.  Loomis and his Louisville boys, LouEVIL, made a strong showing by jumping from 9th to 6th but lost to Climax 15-12 a few steps short of Florida.

Women’s featured seven teams of which a massive three would head to Florida.  The top three teams:  Nemesis, Pop, and Revoloution faced no resistance to seal the deal and head to Finals.


Meeting at a combined Regionals at a 21 field complex in Devens, MA the Masters division had eight teams after three bids.  Canadian champions GLUM came in seed first and left with the #1 bid after a 13-10 win over DoG (3) who had pulled an upset on Saturday over second seed Rumble.  Rumble managed to snag the third see with a 15-9 victory over Quantum in the game to go.

Helping fill the fields was the large Mixed division with three bids to Finals.  Starting with a straight sixteen playoffs the finals on Sunday morning were won handily by Slow White 15-4 over District 5.  Snowbird (5) from Montreal surprised Quiet Coyote (4) in the quarters (14-9) to make it to semis but lost to District 5.  Snowbirds then faced Ballometrics on Sunday morning (15-6), Quiet Coyote once again (13-11), and District 5 for the last time (8-15) before returning to play Quite Coyote in the game to go.  After having played seven games against four different teams Snowbird grabbed the final spot to Florida.  Upstate NY team Bermuda finished 7th and held seed as did Milton who finished 9th.

The ever exciting Open division featured a shocking result and a resurgence of power from NY as sixteen teams battled for just two spots.  With a straight sixteen playoff, like in Mixed, the finals featured Ironside (expected) and Bodhi who unexpectedly flipped the two point loss from their last meeting with GOAT into a two point victory in semis.  Ironside vanquished Bodhi 15-7 who now awaited the result between PoNY and GOAT.  GOAT stumbled and lost a Universe point game 15-14 to PoNY and dashed their hopes for Finals.  PoNY kept rolling and defeated Bodhi 15-11 in the game to go.

A relatively large number of Women’s teams, eleven of them, found themselves with four bids and plenty of contendors.  While the top four seeds: Brute Squad, Capitals, Bent, and Storm, all qualified the story isn’t quite that straight forward.  Saturday was a windy day so much so that Bent defeated Capitals 12-10 for the second seed overall going into Sunday and requiring Capitals to face Storm in the morning.  Capitals won 15-9 which guaranteed them a spot to finals but to prove a point they hammered Bent 15-5 for the second seed.  Storm similarly cruised through the game to go 15-4 over Hatch.


With Masters and Mixed taken care of already the final two Regionals in the Mid-Atlantic featured an Open division with three bids and Women’s with two.  While the top three in Open advanced (Truck Stop (2), Ring of Fire (1), and Southpaw(3)) RoF had a tough finals against Truck Stop which and then lost to Southpaw in a rematch of semis (12-15).  The game to go had RoF against Virginia Squires (4) from Philadelphia which was won 15-8 to secure a return to Finals.

Women’s provided plenty of excitement in the first place match with Scandal (1) beating Phoenix (2) 14-13.  Phoenix then secured their spot by besting Blue Route, in the game to go, 15-7.


The Masters division is in limbo (possibly due to a weather event) where Beyondors earned won the Championship game 15-11 over Nice Guys but the second place bracket (and final spot) has yet to be decided.  There are still three teams in contention for the final spot.

With one of the smallest set of qualifying spots the Mixed division was granted only two bids to Nationals.  LA Metro made a big move from third to first by defeating Barrio (2) 14-10 and 7 Figures (1) 15-13.  7 Figures suffered a heart breaking loss in the game to go: 13-15 to dash their hopes and making Barrio the winner of the 2nd bid.

The Open division featured the smallest set of teams in any region with eleven teams after two bids.  Johnny Bravo (1) cruised through Saturday as well as Sunday finishing first with a 15-5 win over Condors.  Streetgang (2) lost to Condors 11-8 on Saturday and after losing to Johnny Bravo in the semis had to beat Inception and The 405 before playing Condors in the game to go.  The final bid was won by Streetgang 16-15.

Finally!  The Women’s division to close out Regionals had six teams with two bids.  Fourth seed Knock Out had a spectacular day in pool play and finished 2nd going into Sunday.  Molly Brown (2) now faced Knock Out, once again, for the finals match and did so with a convincing 15-5 win.  Knock Out then played Safari in the game to go but could not repeat the success of Saturday giving Safari the last bid in a 9-15 loss.






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