UUCC Mixed Preview

Here is the Mixed Preview.

Slow White (NE1, Boston)

Roster additions:

Dave Truesdale

Jasper Hoitsma (Ironside)

Rosie Ano

Rusty Ingold-Smith (Ring of Fire)

Christina Kelley

Lauren Gloede

Alex Trahey

Liz Hand

Cody Rebholz

Zirui Song

Julie Eagle

Roster departures:

Tim Warden-Hertz

Kendra Frederick (District 5)

Matt Greytak

Becky Malinowski (Overhaul)

Emily Baecher (Riot)

Bethany Dutra

Erin Kelleher

Elliot Gould

Alex Morrone (District 5)

Frank Fellone

John Korber (District 5)


Boston Invite – 2nd (11-15 District 5)

Philly Invite – 2nd (10-12 District 5)

Emerald City Classic – 2nd (12-15 District 5)

Chesapeake Open – t-3rd (Jukebox Hero)

East New England Sectionals – 1st (13-8 Quiet Coyote)

Northeast Regionals – 1st (15-4 District 5)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 9-4


Slow White had some major additions this year, bringing in Jasper Hoitsma from Ironside and Rusty Ingold-Smith from Ring of Fire, and the results showed by reaching the finals in 5 of the 6 tournaments they played this year.  What is interesting to see is that the only time they beat District 5 is when it counted, at Regionals.

With only 1 loss on their record this year to someone not named District 5 (13-9 to Bucket at Chesapeake), Slow White certainly looks primed to get back to the finals at Nationals.  Pool play should go to seed for them, and they will be awaiting Bucket, in a game to avenge that loss at Chesapeake, in power pools.  As long as they avoid District 5 before then, I fully expect Slow White in the finals.

District 5 (NE2, New Haven, CT)

New team in 2010

Jeff Ho

Emily Estrada (Axis of C’Ville)

Mary Glickman

Dwight Harris

Chris Mazur

Liz Middleton

Brandon Redding (Hooray for Coed, Hooray)

Maren Schultz

Karin Burghardt (Hooray for Coed, Hooray)

Sterling Dumas

Justin Segool

Liz Harrison

Zac Roy

Kendra Frederick (Slow White)

Kelley Miller

Will Murphy

John Korber (Slow White)

Mary Kate Hogan (LA Metro)

Judy Winglee

Andy Bosco

Jacob Kravitz

Kevin Garrity

Rafe Steinhauer

Ryan Strobel

Nick Scheiner

Sara Zuba

Jordan Kravitz

Alex Morrone (Slow White)


Mixed Easterns – 5th place

Boston Invite – 1st (15-11 Slow White)

Philly Invite – 1st (12-10 Slow White)

Emerald City Classic – 1st (15-12 Slow White)

Chesapeake Open – 1st (12-11 Bucket)

Metro New York Sectionals – 1st (14-13 Depends on the Jersey)

Northeast Regionals – 2nd (15-8 Snowbirds)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 14-2


District 5 was certainly the darling of the mixed season until their meltdown in the finals at Regionals against Slow White (15-4).  D5 has had a dominant regular season, winning all 4 major tournaments they were in, with the only hiccup being a 12-10 loss to AMP in pool play at the Boston Invite.

They should do well in pool play, provided they’ve correct whatever went wrong at Regionals.  The Polar Bears will be a strong challenge for top seed in the pool (lone matchup this year was 14-12 D5 at ECC), but they should cruise through to power pools.  Anything less than a semi-final appearance would be a shocking upset.

Bucket (SO1, Atlanta)

Roster additions:

Jessica Cohen

Andrew Carter

Jeremy Majors

Adrienne Tecza

Michael Arenson (Sub Zero)

Emily Mitchell

Taylor Nilan

Dani Kaplan

Jess Cofrin

Sam Gainer

Madeline Roorbach

Abigail Schuster

Matt Kafonek

Roster departures:

Kyle Weisbrod

Shimrit Paley

Brian Cornelison

Josh Klehr

Theo Beck

Nick Fiske

Calli Ray

Sara Gravelin

Chris Gwinner

Greg Schwartz

Michelle Young

Alisha Kramer


HoDown XIV – 1st (15-9 Clean Plate Club)

Chesapeake Open – 2nd (11-12 District 5)

East Coast Sectionals – 1st (15-8 Nooga By Nature)

South Regionals – 1st (15-7 Conspiracy Theory)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 4-1


Bucket, looking to improve on last year’s 8th place finish, certainly had a lot of roster turnover (although what else is new in the mixed division?).  Having only played in 1 significant regular season tournament, I’m a bit surprised to see them seeded 3rd overall, but wins over Amp, Overhaul and Slow White, all potential power pool play opponents, and a 11-12 loss to D5 in the finals is certainly impressive.  They should be able to cruise through pool play, but wresting top seed from Slow White will be tough going.

Drag’n Thrust (CN1, Minneapolis)

*Last year’s roster unavailable*

Jeffrey Trosvig

Tom Bomberg

Patrick Niles

Matt Holzer (Ironside)

Alexander Baker

Missy Klajda

Martha Harris

Jake Henderson

Anna Hettler

Austin Lien

Alex Stanislaw

Jeanine Kooman

James Hron

Peter Carr

Dave Klink

Mike Petersen

Lindsay Pastor

Josh Hemmesch (Sub Zero)

Melissa Jordan

Jaime Glader

Alexander Delegard

Robyn Fennig

Laura Steinkraus

Michael Berseth

Elijah Edwards

Kirsta Jeske


Philly Invite – 3rd

Cooler Classic – 2nd (12-13 Chad Larson Experience)

Chicago Heavyweight Championships – 1st (14-7 Overhaul)

Northwest Plains Sectionals – 1st (15-7 Evil Twin)

Central Regionals – 1st (15-13 Overhaul)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 8-3


Drag’n Thrust certainly owes this seeding to Overhaul, as Drag’n Thrust was able to win their region without facing reigning World Champions Chad Larson Experience, thus necessitating they be seeded ahead of CLX.

An impressive regular season, though they are 0-2 against the teams seeded ahead of them; they are going to have a very tough time getting to power pools with CLX and Snowbirds (a mix of WUCC 2nd place ONYX and 10th place RIP) also in their pool.

Chad Larson Experience (CN2, Ames, IA)

Roster additions:

Kathryn Sanders (One Trick Pony)

Chelsea Twohig

Andrew Strikwerda

Jessica Erickson

Doug Jacobs (One Trick Pony

Steph Jacobs (One Trick Pony)

Blake Larson (One Trick Pony)

Andrew Wimer

Jeremy Meyer (One Trick Pony)

Kyle Gill

Roster departures:

Steven Meyer

Mark Groteluschen

Zach Eastland

Steven Hanson (MethOD)

Seth Bartel

Sarah Solarz (Pop)

Lana Seiler

Christine Rosen (Pop)

Michael Brisbois


World Ultimate Club Championships – 1st (17-10 ONYX)

MUDI – 1st (15-13 Ben Lyons & the Blowfish [NOTE: Drag’n Thrust split squad])

Cooler Classic – 1st (13-12 Drag’n Thrust)

Chicago Heavyweight Championships – t-3rd (MethOD)

West Plains Sectionals – 1st (15-5 MethOD)

Central Regionals – 2nd (15-8 Overhaul)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 5-2


Chad Larson Experience are the reigning World Champions, and were it not for Overhaul, they’d be looking at an undefeated season, and the likely top seed in this tournament.

Look for Kevin Seiler, Amy Sheldahl and Kurt Brorsen to be the focal point of the offence for a team that is looking at making up for last year’s shortcomings, and take home a USAU Championship.

Mischief (NW1, San Francisco)

Roster additions:

Matt West (End Phase)

Sarah Carnahan (LA Metro)

Jen Schmerling

Sam Law

Melinda Lee

Justin Safdie (JAM)

Lisa Vampola (Zeitgeist)

Roster departures:

Angie Sanan (LA Metro)

Andrew Hagen

Wes Chao

Emily Gauthier

Kari DeLeeuw (Fury)

Eric Greenwood

Heather Wolnick

Annie Banks

Kitt Hodsden


Boston Invite – 3rd

Emerald City Classic – 5th

Labor Day – 1st (15-14 7 Figures)

Northern California Sectionals – 2nd (15-10 A.I.R.)

Northwest Regionals – 1st (14-13 Polar Bears)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 4-5


Mischief has done a nice job returning to Nationals, after finishing 3rd in 2008.  Adding Justin Safdie from JAM gives this team fantastic experience and leadership.  A strong regular season, they have only 3 losses to teams that aren’t Slow White or D5: 14-12 to Swagger at ECC, 15-14 to Operation Kapow (a team led by former Fury star Enessa Janes) at Labor Day and 13-10 to Polar Bears at Sectionals.

Mischief was able to avenge the loss to Polar Bears at Regionals, and are a good bet to continue their momentum into power pools, taking the top spot out of pool C.

Polar Bears (NW2, Bay Area, CA)

New team in 2010

Michael Liu (Strike Slip)

Robert Gormley (End Phase)

Bekah Sexton

Greg Marliave (End Phase)

Emily West

Jacob Serrano (End Phase)

Elijah Kerns

Ernst Westphal (End Phase)

Aj Shankar

Natasha Won

Alexa Kirkland

Matt Sung

Emma Dobbins

Daniel Naruo (End Phase)

Lisa Pitcaithley

Lucas Dallmann

Clay Miller

Kwai Philpott

Adam Raty (End Phase)

An-Chi Tsou

Brenda Shaylor


Santa Barbara Classic – 2nd (9-15 Ambush Paddington)

Emerald City Classic – t-3rd (Swagger)

Labor Day – 5th

Northern California Sectionals – 1st (13-10 Mischief)

Northwest Regionals – 2nd (15-9 Swagger)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 5-4


Another contender for top overall seed until they lost to Mischief at Regionals, the Polar Bears are 1st year team, that has a strong Downtown Brown contingent, and did a nice job picking up players from the now defunct End Phase from the Open division.

Expect the Polar Bears to breeze into power pools, where a fantastic day of power pool play awaits them with District 5, CLX and Snowbirds/Drag’n Thrust likely rounding out that pool.

Overhaul (CN3, Ann Arbor, MI)

New team in 2010

Colin McIntyre

James Highsmith (Hybrid)

Ryan Purcell (Ironside)

Kristin Essary

Ryan Heffernan

Thomas Haynes (Hybrid)

John Collins III

Matt Wilken

Logan Braun

Jessica Sipperley

Oliver Honderd

Kimberly Sabo

Nathan Solon

Ross Welch (One Trick Pony)

Darren Galligan

Becky Malinowski (Slow White)

Paula Seville

Serina Mazzoni

Lindsey Stewart (Hybrid)

Jules Cooch (Hybrid)

Kaiser Shen

Spencer Jolly

Erin Schran

Eric Witham (Hybrid)

Seth Buchsbaum (Hybrid)

Juggles Zagel (Hybrid)


Down With the Clown – 1st (5-0)

Philly Invite – 6th

Motown Throwdown – 1st (15-11 B.O.I.)

Chesapeake Open – t-7th (Hooray for Coed, Hooray)

Chicago Heavyweight Championships – 2nd (7-14 Drag’n Thrust)

East Plains/Michigan Sectionals – 1st (15-6 B.O.I.)

Central Regionals – 3rd (8-15 Chad Larson Experience)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 4-8


Overhaul, a new team, but formed from last year’s Hybrid team, are the 1st team from Michigan to make Nationals in any division since Big Ass Truck qualified in the Open division in 2006.

While they have beaten CLX twice this year, those are their only wins against teams seeded above them at this tournament, and have 4 losses against non-qualifiers this year.

This team will need to bring their ‘CLX” game to be able to advance beyond pre-quarters, where they could meet up with regional rival Drag’n Thrust (0-3 against DnT this year).

AMP (MA1, Philadelphia)

Roster additions:

Dan Cavanaugh (A.I.R.)

Jesse Gormley

Alex Grintsvayg

Andrea DeSabato

Jeff Truskin

Kenny Furdella

Melanie Berlin (Zeitgeist)

Harrison Treegoob

Michael Zargham

Ben Pelleg

Kevin McCormick

Keith Torrey

Krista Winalski

Brian Acquaviva

Dave Darowish

Kyle Golrick

Petter Abrahamsson

Megan Kuhfuss

Kathi Jenkins

Katie Barry

Roster departures:

Alex Peters

Jonathan Tew

Allison Cameron

Dave Brandolph (Southpaw)

Dan Furfari (Southpaw)

Brian Felt

Marc Stachowski

Ben Kleaveland (Ironside)

Brian Lo

Matt Glazer (Southpaw)

Alison Cohen

Whitney Viets (Bent)

Stacey Janz

Sean Murray (Southpaw)

Nurit Bloom

Ricky Chung

Jeff Laarz

Eddie Peters (Southpaw)

Pam Winkler

Dan Heckman


Boston Invite – 4th

World Ultimate Club Championships – 7th

Philly Invite – 9th

Chesapeake Open – t-11th (Backfire)

Founders Sectionals – 1st (13-8 Blueprint)

Mid-Atlantic Regionals – 1st (15-6 wHagonweel)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 2-7


AMP has had a particularly impressive season.  Kicking it off with a 7th place finish at WUCC this summer, they lost 5 players with the formation of Southpaw in the Open division, but managed to not miss a beat, qualifying for Nationals again.

Their regular season has been mixed (pun not intended), with a forgettable Chesapeake Open performance (1-5), but turned it on at the right time, going undefeated in the series.

LA Metro (SW1, Los Angeles)

Roster additions:

Angie Sanan (Mischief)

Anne Ohliger

Kief Zangaro

Benjamin Bergen

Kara Scheu

Alex Korb

Gordon Stecklein

Frances Ajo

Lexy Sinnott

Erin Mordecai

Daniel Walton (Brown Chicken Brown Cow)

Yvette Fisher

Matthew Hennessy

Katie Killebrew

Roster departures:

Chad Christensen

Robert Severson

Franklin Rho

Mark Miller

Martha Uhl

Simon Margolis

Lindey Cross

Sarah Carnahan (Mischief)

Gerene Garcia (Barrio)

Mary Kate Hogan (District 5)

Jen Chen

Holly Schwarz

Sarah VanWagenen

Matt Welsh


GRUB XIX – t-5th (Golden Spike)

Emerald City Classic – 8th

Labor Day – 11th

Southern California Sectionals – 2nd (6-15 7 Figures)

Southwest Regionals – 1st (15-13 7 Figures)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 3-4


Like AMP, LA Metro had an unimpressive regular season, with 9 losses to non-qualifying teams, but they turned it up during the series, only losing once, in the finals of Sectionals, before avenging that loss to 7 Figures in the finals of Regionals.

LA Metro is facing a very tough pool, with D5 and Polar Bears, and matching last year’s 11th place finish would be a big accomplishment for a team with such a large roster turnover.

Barrio (SW2, Tucson, AZ)

Roster additions:

Deborah Oslik

Mark Hammond

Kathryn Miller

Kasi Kiehlbaugh

Ryan Hummel

John Marcy

Brendan Shean

Gerene Garcia (LA Metro)

Brice Dixon

Roster departures:

Trisha Thoms

Chris Shepard

Chris Baldyga

Kelly Swiryn

Laura Prelsnik

Harding Brumby

Jess Thoms

Erik Gafni


GRUB XXIX – t-3rd (Trollhaveners)

Emerald City Classic – 6th

Labor Day – 6th

Desert Sectionals – 1st (15-12 Red or Green)

Southwest Regionals – 2nd (15-13 7 Figures)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 1-7


Barrio, coming off a 6th place finish at Nationals last year, had what they have to consider to be a disappointing regular season.  Without any roster departures of note (and by ‘of note’ I mean that I could not find those players on another top roster), it would appear that Barrio would be able to build on last season’s success.

While they played a very good schedule, they continued to come out on the losing end of the top matchups, and to be able to turn that trend around against teams like Bucket and Mischief will be a tall task.

Conspiracy Theory (SO2, Dallas)

New team in 2010

Dana Leclaire

Sara Caffey

Peter Doyle

Gina Leclaire

Christina Robinson

David Trett

Jason Caffey

April Grady

Elizabeth Sellers

Amanda North

Lenny Correll

Aron Phillips

John Martin

Brian Shumard

John Grzywinski

Kelly Robinson

Pamela McLemore

Jake Gross

David Brooks

Tom Etchison

Michael Smith

Blake McGlaun


Texas Sectionals – 2nd (10-12 Codename)

South Regionals – 2nd (13-10 Dirty Birds)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 3-1


A team with no regular season results, or team history, it is rather fitting that they are in the same pool as the Snowbirds.  Without much to go on, it is difficult to peg where they will finish, but they are in an incredibly difficult pool, and a 15-7 loss to Bucket at Regionals would lead me to believe that this team will be pleased just by qualifying for Nationals.

Snowbirds (NE3, Montreal)

New team in 2010

Jean Francois Mauger

Julie Beaulac (RIP)

Mathieu Bordeleau (ONYX)

Eric Dion (ONYX)

Philippe Gannon (RIP)

Jessie Grignon Tomas (ONYX)

Stephane Payeur (RIP)

Jean-Francois Paul (RIP)

Alexandre Levesque (ONYX)

Andrew Batchelor (RIP)

Audrey St-Arnaud (ONYX)

Hugo Lafrancois (RIP)

Nicolas Vanasse

Mathieu Vinette

Janique Arsenault (ONYX)

Marie-Andree Imbeault (Stella)

Julie Tremblay (RIP)

Jerome Boucher (ONYX)

Gabrielle Tremblay (ONYX)

Raynald Nemours (RIP)

Annie-Claude Brien Chicoine (RIP)

Kate Beaulieu (ONYX)

Julie Blais (RIP)

Jean Phillips Gerin (ONYX)

Yan Bouchard (RIP)


West New England Sectionals – 1st (15-9 Enough Monkeys)

Northeast Regionals – 3rd (Forfeit by Quiet Coyote)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 0-2


Yet another intriguing Canadian team!  (Who says Canadian teams should be banned from the USAU series?)

As most of you know, the Snowbirds are a mix of ONYX (2nd at WUCC, 1st at CUC) and RIP (10th at WUCC, 2nd at CUC), but have no regular season results as a group.  They had a fairly impressive regionals, losing twice to D5 by identical 15-8 scores, but also beat Quiet Coyote (4th at WUCC, 3rd at 2009 UPA) twice before advancing via the dumb (my opinion) rule that you can’t play a team 3 times at a single tournament.

The Snowbirds will upset some teams this weekend, and make people wonder why they were seeded so low.  I would be shocked if they didn’t make quarters, and a semi-final appearance is not out of the question.  The only concern would be that ONYX and RIP started their seasons very early (in comparison to their US counterparts), and one wonders when the wall will hit.

wHagonweel (MA2, Raleigh, NC)

New team in 2010

Jordan Moore

Jenny Rogers (Olio)

Chris Kelly

Nick Poore (Ring of Fire)

Brad Thornton

Beth Gifford (Olio)

Evan Bowles (Olio)

Lauren Williams

Brandon Jones

Andrew Ryan

Jesse Overby (Olio)

Debbie Lowther

Stacey Waldrup

Missy Overby (Olio)

Peter Linnartz

Julie Morris (Olio)

Kurt Chapman (Olio)

John McNaughton

Kate Irons (Olio)

Joey Connelly (Olio)

Derrick Marcey

Alison Murray

Andrew Moore

Adam Pike (Olio)

Rob Sayre-McCord


Philly Invite – 5th

Glazed Daze – 1st (14-12 Captain Zero)

Chesapeake Open – 9th

North Carolina Sectionals – 1st (15-12 TAU)

Mid-Atlantic Regionals – 2nd (15-10 Renegade)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 2-4


wHagonweel, the rechristened Olio, is a) driving my spell checker insane and b) coming off a successful 1st season.  With wins over 2010 qualifiers AMP and Overhaul, and 2009 qualifiers Jukebox Hero and TAU, they’ve shown that they can play at this level.  Consistency is the one thing that has been eluding them this season, and beating seed is a strong goal to build on for next season.

Dirty Birds (SO3, Various, TX)

New team in 2010

Hugh Daschbach (Chewbacca Defense)

Laney Gloria Bevill (Chewbacca Defense)

Kevin Gaffney (Doublewide)

Crystal Willis (Chewbacca Defense)

Kristi Mellerski

Jason Fortner (Chewbacca Defense)

Casi Cook

Stephanie Redfern (Showdown)

Judy Le (Chewbacca Defense)

Charlie Stavlo

Meg Hofner

Emily Scholten

Matthew Clark (Doublewide)

John Peter Lewis

Travis Wright

Alfonso Acosta (Chewbacca Defense)

Matthew Stephens (Doublewide)

Nick Polito

Matthew Stone (Chewbacca Defense)

Tal Tversky (Chewbacca Defense)

Greg Clark


Labor Day – 9th

Texas Sectionals – 3rd (13-3 Cameron Williams and the Heartbreakers)

South Regionals – 3rd (14-7 Rival)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 1-4


Dirty Birds (oddly, not from Atlanta), are an amalgamation of Texas players, founded from last year’s Chewbacca Defense.  A lack of regular season results doesn’t give much to go on, but having players from Doublewide and Showdown certainly add big game experience to this team whose goal, much like wHagonweel’s, is likely to beat seed.

MethOD (CN4, Iowa City)

New team/returned from hiatus in 2010

Steve Hanson (Chad Larson Experience)

Alex Versackas (ICE)

Jake Bradley (ICE)

Kristen Appelson

Nick Moore

Nick Sanchez

Ross Sullivan

Sergei McNulty

Andrew Edwards (ICE)

Garrett Brander (ICE)

Sarah Danilson (ICE)

Tara Olds

Kelli Parsons

Megan Nimmo

Liza Minor

Chris Sedgwick

Jake Short

Katie Johnson

Joe Reed

Jen Nowak

Jake Kersten

Katie Morin

Sara Francis

Sean Parket


Chicago Heavyweight Championships – t-3rd (Chad Larson Experience)

West Plains Sectionals – 2nd (5-15 Chad Larson Experience)

Central Regionals – 4th (15-8 scottyface)

Record vs USAU Championship teams: 0-7


Meth (renamed MethOD, then Scientific Method by the UPA because we don’t want all those mainstream advertisers and sponsors to get offended), are making their Nationals debut, taking full advantage of the Central region receiving a 4th bid, in part thanks to One Trick Pony’s performance last year.

Having beat out Winnipeg’s scottyface to qualify, this team has some big hucks, and the speed to run them down, but are certainly here to enjoy the experience.


I feel the Mixed division is very deep this year, not just because of the general volatility of mixed Ultimate, but there are a lot of strong teams.  I think any of the top 7 seeds could make finals, and anyone making perfect brackets this year is pulling their selections out of a hat.  That being said, my predictions:

Champion – Chad Larson Experience

Finalist – District 5

Semi-finalists – Snowbirds and Polar Bears (NOTE: this would be all 4 teams from the F power pool)

Quarterfinalists (directly from pool play) – Slow White, Mischief and Bucket

Quarterfinalist (from pre-quarters game) – AMP

Pre-quarters participants – Drag’n Thrust and Overhaul

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